Monday, December 28, 2015

Good News - Update

Hi everybody, I must to announce good news for all RBR community.
First to first, I already re save 100 Undva donation amount. Thanks to Raúl, for last step.
What its mean: Now, Undva will for free in offline usage in all plugins and for all RBR users. All can usage all models or textures for non commercial usage too. No any changes, is allowed in Undva track, without mine permission. Soon I will share last Undva version with some bug fix and I will start work on reverse version too.

Next point is Karowa SSS, its have update to, now will posible make small cut, without big time penalty and some hard collision on bridge.

And finally, I will add missed wooden poles in Junior Wheels I - it was my mistake and track bug, too.

Karowa v1.3 DOWNLOAD
Junior Wheels I v1.2 DOWNLOAD
Undva I v1.1 DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Cristmas!

Happy Christmas boys and girls, I wish you all good luck what you can imagine. I hope we can collaborate together and have a nice time. Be happy - peace!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fernet Branca No6 - dropped seeds

 Hi everyone, it's my progress before christmas. In this time I have experience with vegetation, actually it's just trees. Because in this place Argentina, I have complicated and specific trees configuration, and no chance to get reference instantly. I decided make it by my self, and you know, result is not bad. I make my first low poly full 3D tree models. Now I have 7 or 8 difference of them... All looks pretty good, so I try not lose a lot time, with more different variation and can move forward. Need to place, right all tree and tree walls, next will bush and grass. And after that last phase, will models from rally equipments and so on.
 Feel, in game, very well and FPS still is high, so I'm go forward...
That's all now, see you next time - PEACE

Friday, December 4, 2015

Fernet Branca No5 - Ground is done!

Hi all, after few weeks I have little more progress on my Fernet stage. I think, that finish, with all ground mesh texturing process. Now, fixing few bugs (some texture distort in places and in one place, RBR crash, seems somewhere mesh is incorrect, need to find it...) and go to next phase - vegetation. I hope do it fast as possible, and used for this some my old trees models and from original RBR stages too. That's it, see you next time...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fernet Branca No4 - and all other

Hi everyone! Some update, from this week. After hot last of days, now I can feel much better. I don't have more free time, so far, but all works not stopped. And as always, to one project, connect another one and so on and so on. On Fernet, I finish with modeling elevation mesh, start with ground texturing, and add some road objects. All vegetation still waiting time for my attention...
Now, my friend Konrad from Poland, ask me, for help on Magnolia SSS. Finish unfinished areas and make ready for export. Will see how much time I will have and there you can see some update, from me, on this road...

PS. Some track have updates and is ready for plugin (Karowa, Junnior Wheels and Undva) I already speak with Koral and all updates will come, at the same time and will allow on plugin, after Undva donation will finish. It possible to do now, but if Undva will have free for offline license, he must again, do all job again. Its not good, so we still waiting.

This all, at this time, from me, and see you next week, take care himself...

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fernet Branca No3 - I see the land!

Hello, hello, hello, it was hot last my week. Not a lot is done, I still try fix track geometry. Some part was changed and fix few wrong corners. Job is slow, because I try to be very accurate there. But, I don't have good and precise elevation data from this location. Only few onboard video is what helping me. Now, I will fix few corners, no a lot and go to next phase - ground texturing works...
Thats all news in this week, see you next time...

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fernet Branca No2 - with small steps forward

Hi. In this week, I have not a lot news, because, few last work for finish first "Undva" online version. I hope, a lot of you already test it or do it soon. At the same time, work on Karowa v1.3. I want to realize version without cutingcheck system. So, I must to add additional barriers and spectators collision for prevent illegal cuting or driving direction on this stage. I finish with it to. And last, I'm finish with night settings for native RBR tracks (Finland, GR, Japan, France and USA. In Austrailia its now work properly). I add missed weather settings for Fallingstone II (it was lost in conversion process, so now it gave it.).
Back to Argentina, there I don't have a big progress. So far, work with terrain relief. Little bit, cover with texture main road mesh, but a lot of jobs still waiting.
This all, see you next time, by...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Undva - No14 - May cause aggression!

Hallow every one, today is a great day, for all Undeva fans. I have first Undeva v1.0 files and I ready to share this track with all RBR community. First I will share files on Czech RBR online plugin. All others plugin owners, if want this track, must contact with me via mail ( see below on blog page) or skype (someone already have it)... It will free for all, but only, for online tournaments. Until, I will resave 100 eu donation. After that, it will free in all plugins for offline and online usage. And I will do revers version.
Ok, now I want talkabout track. First this not only my creation. Some years ago, I found this nice BTB track on Racedepartment web, author - Kytt. Very good made track from reall Estonia rally stage. It make for me big impression. So, when I had more skill in 3D modelling, I decide, convert this SS in to native RBR file format. But it was to short, about 5-6 km and I decide extend it up to 10. I found that it was interesting part from real Undva rally road.
Now about some road properties. Road really is narrow fast and very dangerous. Real drivers, who drive on this real road said: "it's very narrow road, no places where you can cut, unless one wheel - everywhere stones..." Sorry, but small poles collision is tough. But you must to know, that covering over 3 km with movable poles is to hard job for one person. A lot of bush have hard collision too. Its normal in this geographic location. And must to keep in mind, that everywhere is stones, so it's emulate this aspect too. So don't be angry and carefully, especially when you will try this road first time. Try hear pace note commands and make correction by himself...
Sometimes (not always) in some places it have low FPS performance, then you must just go to pause (Esc) and wait until FPS will have normal aspect and after you can continue drive stage with normal FPS...
Now its all, I hope you like my job and leave your comment, bug
descriptors and others things, there on my blog...

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

X point 01 - what it must to be?

Well, well, well. Main news, in this week, I start new project, which must to help me find best, fast and easy way to create new track. Yes, I try it, with Junior Wheels, but it was not all what I want. Try number "Two", it is here. :D Yes, Cravalho I not forgotten, I return back when I will ready with better knowledge base and hope finish it much faster.
Ok back to X point 01 - it's not real name, heh, I just kidding and want make surprize. I found this really accidentally - nice and technical interesting stage. When follow WRC+ onboard action. Wou, it's realy fun, 6 km of gravel. And yes, it's again "Super Special Stage", but I can't stop doing these stages :D. So, now I declare the contest: guess location of this SSS and what is name of it? First right answered, will get test files...

Friday, September 25, 2015

Junior Wheels No 13 - DOWNLOAD I-II

Hi all, it's great day, finally I finish with "Junior Wheels" track series. Now, we will have updated Junior Wheels I - it have some track physics improvement. Add new animation, some new rally sign, I hope, it will help for better orientation. And, ofcourse, fix pacenotes...
Junior Wheels II - track actually is reverse version, but have start and finish in the position as Junior Wheels I. Any way, it's technical stage and it will help learn a lot different rally aspects, so these tracks is dedicated for newbie in RBR country.
Sorry guys, file packs is heavy, but inside you will have ready 10 different weather settings (including night!) and all types of road surfaces (9 road types)...
Big thanks Wally, for patiently and online shadows support.
I hope you like it and enjoy.
>>> JUNIOR WHEELS I download <<<>>> JUNIOR WHEELS II download <<<
PS: it's free, for all plugins, you can use, any parts, from this project, but any modification is not allowed there. And if you like it, don't forget support my creation...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Junior Wheels No 12 - Junior Wheels II - beta

Hy, hy, hy. My works not stoped, but always when I try think, now it will be easy and took just few days, all my plan fail and take one or two weeks. Yep, that's can say about my Undva track challenge :). Yes I said, I need just small physics tweeks and all job will done, - nop, it's take 2 weeks, to solve this problem, but it's done. Thanks for my good friends Graziano and Vaclav for help and advice. Now, I have multiple physics on my tracks!. Undva need some performance test, may some changes, if it will bad, will see. But Junior Wheels II version is almost finish (need shadows) and can be tested as Beta version. So, take it, and I will waiting feedback. I hope your, guys and girls, like it! Bye
PS. By the way, Junior Wheels I will be updated to - change to right multiphysics, fixed pace notes and will add some new animation, too...

>>>Junior Wheels II b. DOWNLOAD<<<

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Undva - No13 - Extra news and...

Well, well, well. So long, times ago, I started this project and now I have good news. Undva, first version is near to finish. Just need some small surface physics tweaks and waiting shadows result. I have vertex shadows, its nice but in some places have not perfect view so will see how it is with texture shadows...
As I write in my early posts, it will only online version for all RBR plugins, until I will receive 100 Eu donation (now have 55 Eu).
And.., extra, at this time I finishing with Junior Wells II version. Actually it is reverse version with some additional cool stuff on it. I hope you like it too. Waiting shadows, too.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Undva - No12 - Have you seen it?

Hey, hey, hey, I was quite a little bit silent, but now I have nice last my video report. A lot of done, but for final version I still need few weeks. Still required, cameras, some animation, sound triggers, collision for spectators, pace note and last advertisement girls. By the way, do you like my new sponsor girl ?

 Again, I am very grateful for yours donation guys and girls (Jonas, Tomasz, Jouni, Angel and others). You must keep in mind, you are track creators, too, like I am. You keep in high my motivation, so new track is coming! Thanks

Video will be processed soon, follow this link:

Friday, August 7, 2015

Undva - No11 - it's so hard...

Ok, I'm, back! I had perfect vacation, visit in SLovakia country and really have nice time there. So, I try few good things: as ZLaty Bzant and real Mlinky road - it's leave huge good impression for me, seems Mira have a lot job there, because it was not one nice road (in Mlinky location).
Lets back to track. In this week, I was busy, but any way try push this project. So, I close to finish, with all hard collision and ready for palce other nice stuff there. Thanks guys, for your support and donation, its important for me and for all virtual rally comunity. Thats all, in this time, see you next week, by.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Junior Wheels No 11 - Kick of!

Yep, I think that I finish in much fast time, but... Any way, now it's time for test V1.0. It will free for all in all plugins.
I hope, you remember, this is not high quality track, but it's fun, so enjoy. I'm not happy with shadows result, but don't want, waste time, for that, anymore. Some textured places is not right... I write just main pace notes there, so you need used cool Pacenotes plugin and write your own, like in real rally...
Please, if found bug, leave your comment there in my blog and I will try fix that, in next version realize. At the the same time, I have plan, made reverse version, too.
This is my last post in this month, now time for vacation, see you next month, bye

Friday, July 3, 2015

Junior Weels No 10 - Soon!

Well, after long waiting, and a lot of trying to find solution for shadows, (I don't find what I want), next week, I will share this for all RBR community. As I say before this is not high quality track, I Made it as some modeling technique test, some works well some not, but for me, track looks interesting for driving, so why not drive for all. Road have all types of road surface, all weather settings, Just I still waiting last result from online shadows generating service. I hope result will comes good. If not I have some, not perfect, but it can to be...
It's all from me in this week, by

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Undva - No11 Full track onboard

Hi every one, I happy to say, Undva now, have full driveable lenght! Wuala! Sorry video is without sound, but you can see how it is real. Now, I'm start work on road sides elements. Need to add, spectators cars, soft and moveable collision, hard collision (in section from BTB project), sounds, animations, advertisement, so still a lot of work, but nice to see this result. I hope you like it..
By the way, I have idea, share tris track for free, just for online tournament usage, until I will get 100 Eu donation. Yes, I know it's not cheap, but I lost there a lot working hours and at the same time lost my super duper mouse and I need refresh it... So if you like my tracks - rise up my motivation.
Whats will include in this stage: well all types of different road surfaces, all weather settings, shadows, night version. And of course revers version, too.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Undva - No10 - Zone No3 is close!

Hey, hey, hey! Today is great day, I finish with all new ground mesh on Undva.
This week was hard, I have two tournaments, but after my terrible show, I have little more free time and I did this job...
Yes, this is not all job is done, so far, I need a lot my work hours. Some small tweaks will comes every time but biggest job is done. Now, I need add small nice thing, around road, support cars spectators and marshalls. And a lot work with collision mesh. Ok, this all news from this week, by...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Track creation tips 04 - Basic modeling process (update)

Hi, my news form this week. I made few short video tips. Now its not accurate, so far, but you can see all basics steps for create your rally track in Blender with free 3D tools.

Lets start, with simple terrain mesh from Sketchup. You can used it free, to. Finally background mesh is in low resolution but not always its is important. So you can used method from my early tutorials, see below (Myra43-tutorial)
I update my video tutorial - add some comment in video line

Friday, June 5, 2015

Undva - No9 - Zone No2 onboard

Hi every one, I have progress there, so video is ready! Now I'm working on zone No3. about 50% is done but a lot is still waiting. Short message today see you next week!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Undva - No8 - Extended zone No2

Well, well, well, I little bit late with my message, but at last week I finish with extend zone. I named it zone No2. It one of interesting part in this rally SS. But also, it was difficult place, with stone walls, lots houses in there. So, its take long time, for finish it as well. Now I start process importing in to RBR. Must fix sum mesh bug. But all works good, so far :D


Friday, May 15, 2015

Undva - No7 - To be continued

 Ok, I'm back, on my 3D works, there. I divided, new part of this project, in two pieces. Now, working on first one. A lot of is done, but still need to my attention. It will take about two weeks, if all going well. This part was difficult, have few houses and I need prepare new textures and models. So, its take more accurate work. And of course, planting vegetation around road. About 70 percent is done.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Undva - No6 - Onboard No2

Hi everyone, how much news in this week! After some break, I return on Undva stage. Happy to say, original BTB version is remapped and converted to native RBR format. As can see in this video, all work well, performance is good. Now next step, last part - about 4-5 km. About 80% is done. Work in texturing phase and need some assets like new houses, and others road side stuff...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Junior Wheels No9 - Shadows v0.1

After month waiting I have some normal shadows result. So far, I don't happy, but its working and its good news. Big step forward. Need some vertex shadow tweaks and it will ready for oficial realize..

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Track creation tips 03 - Methode No1

This picture can be as a template for our next real track.
Hi, every one today, I'm happy to show, one of method, which will help create and realize your project with Blender. Actually this not my method, I steal it from Myra43 blog page, he will helpful and I have permission to post this method there... After, I will show my method of some modeling part. May it will video or text, will see.

As I say before, Invest time to look for good impressive road. It must to be interesting not just for you, but for others people to as RBR community. Otherwise, just lose time and don't have feedback and interest. Job without it is nothing...I try a lot, huge size (epic size :D) tracks, just one time and never back on again. I don't think, that you want make track just to drive once. So, I recommend to find nice real tracks from WRC, may some super special. At this time we have good service from there as WRC+ and you can to see every onboard from every rally event, it's very helpful to take josie and after in workflow.
Read text below...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Track creation tips 02 - Tools

Hello, today I want post next part from my modelling tips. Its short and I talk about creation tools.

To get your results you need good tools. Best for us, we don't need high cost programs!
So, first to first, I recommend BLENDER as alternative and powerfull 3D tool. Blender, for us, good, because we don't need any additional X files exporters. Against, he have a lot free plugins, which will speed up our work flow. Also you can use 3Dmax, or Maya, 4DCinema...

In Blender, I recommend secondary plugins :
F2 - just activate in Blender,
UvSquares v1.4 
Asset Sketcher v.32  - 29.9 Eu

Now, for texture, editing we need:
Photoshop (and DDS plugin) or alternatively free software as Gimp, Krita. With this last, also, we need DDS Utilities, for generate our DDS formats.

As file wiever I recommend - XnView, because he supports a lot file formats, and especially important, show DDS.
Ganwind Print Screen - making screens shots.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Track creation tips 01 - theoretical part (update)

Ok, it's now time, to share my knowledge RBR track creation in Blender. Track creating process is interesting, but have a lot technical details, which need to know, of course if you want have good result.
I must to apologize for my poor english, I hope you will understand what I mean if not you have comments part ;)

This tips, I will divided into few sections: One is theoretical tips, it's including best choice of your track, motivation, and how get your result.
Second is technically tips and tutorials. Modelling tips, texturing, how did right textures and so on...

This not as absolute best, but this is one of fast way to do that mainly in Blender. Just must to know, modeling is always learning process. So, don't stay in one place, and always looking fast way to get result.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Junior Wheels No8 - still work on

Well, well, well. So long I wait first shadows result, but it was not perfect. By the way, I had huge problem there. Online shadows generation, dont want work with my beta version. So, I need agin put all 3d objects in to fresh Wallaby project. Its take, two days work :(. Now I keep cross fingers, about my last version for shadows. It works without cameras and others movable objects and pace notes (all this I Must do again). In first shadows results, I have a lot shrunk errors, but now, I change sun position in to hard angle, and hope it will work like in Haguenau...

Last week, not waste my time and back to work on "Undva SS". Track now is extended twice, terrain is ready for texturing. Waiting monotonic but interesting job...

Friday, April 3, 2015

Junior Wheels No7 - Wrum wrum... East

It will as my Easter, present for all RBR community from Lithuania!
Seems time to first Beta version!
Its take much more time, from my previous things (work close to 2 motht on), but seems I did all what I want. Some things still not work as well (water and some surface physics), but now, is time finish, this time wasting method :D.
Yes, not all textures have higher resolution, but as I write early, this was my decision, as learning place. But I see, track I have very fun, so why not to drive for everyone there.
And now, is time to back, for my oldest projects. Don't forget support my motivation ;)
So far this is Beta version you can drive there but you dont get Finish time - its normal. When track will ready, will have shadows, different type of surface it will have final version for online Plugins...

PS. I finding peoples, who want work in one team? Work on the same track with few people, save about 30% time of all time on track, so if you have some experience in 3D modeling or in Wallaby you are welcome! My mail:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Junior Wheels No6 - Last turn

Nothing important, just I, add last part, now finishing with all collision and track is close to finish.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Junior Wheels No5 - Vegetation

Ok, today I finish with all additional vegetation. So now, I'm will work on last part of additional road - slalom test place. Work not to much, I hope 2-3 weeks and all will done. Will see, how with free time.In future Later, I little bit will change drive line, it will more natural and close to real situation. I hope people like it...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

Junior Wheels No3 - firs on board!

As I promise, there is first Video onboard. Export process was hard. Was some problem with track loading. I must change scale. In first time, it was to small and road was crazy narrow and short, now all is ok. So I found all solution and all can to see result. Its really not perfect, but as I say before - this is testing place for all inovation in my track making process, so all inaccuracies, can to be... Now, we have 5 km long (with this road combination), yeah I'm really happy with this, finally have some new small track.
Folow link >>>

Monday, March 2, 2015

Junior Wheels No2 - content of last week

Hi everyone, today I will show small update in this test project. I make nice remapping on main road, need to do (the same) in addition part of them, but overall all looks good and makes me happy. Now I see, how I need do next my project in fast and easy way. If all go as I want may in this week I will do next road test, it will show what about performance there. This so far, little bit scared me, because I not place all vegetation which can place on and all others road equipment elements.

More screens inside

Monday, February 23, 2015

Xpoint to Junior Wheels

Hi all. This is few new screens from another stupid my track. I start this "SS" because want test few new modeling and texturing technique. So far, this just as test modeling polygon and in future, I think, it will as setup test stage, have a lot different type of jumps and bumps, different types of turns (plus, minus). And will have small inner plaza with braking test zone and 8 type small road - for "slalom" test. Location Australia, long about 3 km of gravel.
Stage so stupid and now will have final supid name - "Junior Wheels"

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

X point!

Hi all, today I must represent my next secret work, which I start in last week. As I say before - its for refresh my mind and found new ways speed up my creativity and workflow in Blender. So, this some "top secret" screens from my desktop. Let's call it Junior Wells. I'm no idea what is mean, but may, it will interesting for RBR community...

Monday, February 9, 2015

RBR - night update!

Well, last week, I start few new works, need to refresh my mind :) . So one is close to finish. This is night version! I'm return back for this idea. It's comes few years ago, when I work on Karlstad SSS. I found nice night settings setup, not used in this SSS, but now you can found it in new track from others track creators (in Foron, Maton and others tracks). In first version, I have some vertex shadows bug, now its I fix, so no any bugs now. Finally, Night version is adapted for Finland, GB, France, Japan and USA native RBR stages. Just in Australia, so far, I don't found solution, how disable shadows without RBR crash. Its work with it, but looks strange with shadows from sun in night :D. Now, files I send to KORAL Vaclav, next step from him...

Monday, February 2, 2015

TUTORIAL - Texture making tips... (update)

Hi, today I want share some my experience with texture making process. Actually it's mainly important for "hard" faces models such as buildings, road sign and all others flat 3D models. We have just few ways get own picture for textures. Yes - own photo camera and second important Google street. And one problem which we always get is camera lens distortion. You never get "flat" and right looking picture. So there few things which you need to to with camera and after in photo editing programs...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Undva - No5 - Long road

Hi every one, today I want ataskaita about progress on my track. After I finish work on BTB version, I'm not stopped and add some new part of this real rally road. I think, its so far interesting part of this real road. It's about 2 km brand new road in this progress. Will add more, I not sure, until not finish this part...
Its all for now, see you later!

In orange, is new part in this project...

Friday, January 9, 2015

Undva - No4 - breaking news

Happy new years! After long quiet, I'm again have some news, from my projects. First to first, original mesh, from BTB project, (ground and road mesh) is remapped! Its big step in my workflow, so not to much work is left. In my plan was did track not 5 km long, but made up to 10. But, I must left my plan, or better to say change it, because last 3 km will very wearisome. Lot of long flat out straight parts, more work but without impression. So, finally I will add close to new 2 km of interesting part of it and its waiting to do... So far, waiting job with roadside object: as fences, stones, poles and others elements what mus to adorn the cake...
Its all, at this time, stay tuned!
More pictures inside