2015 m. rugsėjo 17 d., ketvirtadienis

Junior Wheels No 12 - Junior Wheels II - beta

Hy, hy, hy. My works not stoped, but always when I try think, now it will be easy and took just few days, all my plan fail and take one or two weeks. Yep, that's can say about my Undva track challenge :). Yes I said, I need just small physics tweeks and all job will done, - nop, it's take 2 weeks, to solve this problem, but it's done. Thanks for my good friends Graziano and Vaclav for help and advice. Now, I have multiple physics on my tracks!. Undva need some performance test, may some changes, if it will bad, will see. But Junior Wheels II version is almost finish (need shadows) and can be tested as Beta version. So, take it, and I will waiting feedback. I hope your, guys and girls, like it! Bye
PS. By the way, Junior Wheels I will be updated to - change to right multiphysics, fixed pace notes and will add some new animation, too...

>>>Junior Wheels II b. DOWNLOAD<<<

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