2015 m. birželio 26 d., penktadienis

Undva - No10 - Zone No3 is close!

Hey, hey, hey! Today is great day, I finish with all new ground mesh on Undva.
This week was hard, I have two tournaments, but after my terrible show, I have little more free time and I did this job...
Yes, this is not all job is done, so far, I need a lot my work hours. Some small tweaks will comes every time but biggest job is done. Now, I need add small nice thing, around road, support cars spectators and marshalls. And a lot work with collision mesh. Ok, this all news from this week, by...

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  1. looks great,nightmode was also very interesting,waiting for final version, good luck,and don;t forget-now is summer time :)

  2. Yes of course, but my main work not stop, so my hobby to...