2015 m. gegužės 30 d., šeštadienis

Undva - No8 - Extended zone No2

Well, well, well, I little bit late with my message, but at last week I finish with extend zone. I named it zone No2. It one of interesting part in this rally SS. But also, it was difficult place, with stone walls, lots houses in there. So, its take long time, for finish it as well. Now I start process importing in to RBR. Must fix sum mesh bug. But all works good, so far :D


2015 m. gegužės 15 d., penktadienis

Undva - No7 - To be continued

 Ok, I'm back, on my 3D works, there. I divided, new part of this project, in two pieces. Now, working on first one. A lot of is done, but still need to my attention. It will take about two weeks, if all going well. This part was difficult, have few houses and I need prepare new textures and models. So, its take more accurate work. And of course, planting vegetation around road. About 70 percent is done.

2015 m. gegužės 8 d., penktadienis

Undva - No6 - Onboard No2

Hi everyone, how much news in this week! After some break, I return on Undva stage. Happy to say, original BTB version is remapped and converted to native RBR format. As can see in this video, all work well, performance is good. Now next step, last part - about 4-5 km. About 80% is done. Work in texturing phase and need some assets like new houses, and others road side stuff...

2015 m. gegužės 5 d., antradienis

Junior Wheels No9 - Shadows v0.1

After month waiting I have some normal shadows result. So far, I don't happy, but its working and its good news. Big step forward. Need some vertex shadow tweaks and it will ready for oficial realize..