Thursday, September 9, 2021

Torsby - Are you have a ticket for the snow rally fiesta? - 15

Hi all, I am happy to present a new video from my favorite snow project.
Virtual rally stage Torsby are 2018-19 years configuration. Finally, I did it. Main modeling jobs are ended. Now need some integration and vertex shading works, but the main view is ready for you. I hope you like it. It will be allowed (in all non-commercial RBR plugins) for free use, only as an online version. There will be a pack of three different configuration types of Torsby

  1. Torsby shakedown - 4.2 km snow (available now in all plugins)
  2. Torsby 2018 - 9.5 km snow (new) 
  3. Torsby sprint - 3.5 km snow (new) 

My target is to collect 200+ Eu of donations for the free offline versions, for all users. After I will get this sum, tracks will be available for free using automatically. All donations who pay 10+ Eu also will get track free offline version (in donors, emails will send the file download link). If you want to have these tracks first, be a supporter creation of new tracks and the whole RBR community. I work on it for more than a year and I wanna do much more for true rally feelings for everyone.