Friday, November 29, 2013

RBR-LT return to work!

 RBR-LT - as Phoenix fly...

After big break, tournament site is back! Yes we still working on design, but actually it's all member can go back, make new registration and can post what they are need. RBR-LT return to work! Next weak, just try find new server for stable performance...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Awesome tiling texture making trick

Yesterday I found easy and very powerfull trick how make nice tiling (repeated) texture with Photoshop.
Take photo, which you want used as repeated texture, (in this case I want repeat just in both sides)
Before, I cut it and its ready for process.
Next, I change size it to rectangle

and crop it...
Second step in Photoshop, go to Filter / Others / Offsets
After this you just need used Clone Stamp tool and repare midle texture as you want...
And wuala, you have new tiling texture with nice edges.
PS. you can also used and horizontal and vertical offset and make grass or others background textures...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

RBR-LT reconstruction

As we all know, some fu** guys, damage our RBR-LT tournament web site Any way, it was time, make some changes and now it's coming. Site now is in design stage, we used new system and I hope it's take support from all of you :)

Kaip aukščiau yra paminėta, saitas  - atnaujinamas ir kokia pora savaitėlių neveiks arba bus senesnės versijos. Vėliau persikelsime į atnaujintą versiją it tikiuosi toliau sau gyvensime ramiai ;)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Carvalho de rei update No 2 - video from 1 section

Ok, today I can represent my first video from this SS. Road is divided in 7 road sections. This is first one. In future, I hope, it's take one or close to two week for one section finish. Yes for first of them, I leave 3 weeks, but at the same time, I made brand new texture. New main road texture and update and update it in work process it's take a lot of time. And some guys from Turkey hack my site (I want to wish a happy Christmas for them)... Sad but it's take may time too...
Any way, works not stops and I have small progress :)