Monday, June 27, 2016

Zaraso Salos Trekas No4 - Kick off v1.0

Hi, all after long time waiting proper shadows, I'm finished with this project. So now, I share it with whole RBR community - of course for free.
I dedicate this track, for my annoying friends, who all time crying from my early tracks. Which was too narow, too dangerous, too serious... So, you have enough wide road, with few turns. Now, I hope, you are happy :D I'm joking ;)

As I wite in decription track is:
Free for noncommercial use, also all textures and models or parts from this stage, too.

Modification is not allowed on this SSS!

DOWNLOAD Zaraso Salos Trekas, 2 laps
DOWNLOAD Zaraso Salos Trekas, 5 laps

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Carvalho de Rei No 10 - Genesis

Hi again,
So many news in this week. Seems, it was productive for me...

Ok back on track - Carvalho! Finally, I finish with all ground remesh and re texturing process, here. So many job I did: Add a lot of changes on to orginal mesh from Zaxxon. At this time, I have google street view and I can make right correction.
Add lot of new additional roads, like in real location.
Add authentic buildings from this location too.
Also, I little bit extend track and now it have 8,4 km long. Not very long, but very interesting and technical for driving.
Seems Zaxxon (author of orginal BTB version) was very concessions and did road wide, but real road is much narrow and dagerous (what I really like :P )...
So, guys and girls, I hope you like it, see you, bye

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Zaraso Salos Trekas No3 - I see the finish!

Hi all, main new in this week: Zaraso Sala is finished. Seems all works fine. I have nice shadows result from Wally. Again, my frends-testers, says that have normal FPS here. So if, in this week, I will resave final shadows result for rainy weather settings, track will open and share for whole RBR community.

As always, free for commercial usage, and without any limitation to use objects textures in others projects.

Now about track. Actually i did two version of it. One is like original (real) Super Special Stage from our Lithuania Rally championship - its have just 2-o laps (2 km). Quit short track dedicated just for spectators. But I think for drivers its not very interesting, so I did extended version and you can run 5 laps (5 km) also.

All now, see you nex time, bye