Monday, December 28, 2015

Good News - Update

Hi everybody, I must to announce good news for all RBR community.
First to first, I already re save 100 Undva donation amount. Thanks to Raúl, for last step.
What its mean: Now, Undva will for free in offline usage in all plugins and for all RBR users. All can usage all models or textures for non commercial usage too. No any changes, is allowed in Undva track, without mine permission. Soon I will share last Undva version with some bug fix and I will start work on reverse version too.

Next point is Karowa SSS, its have update to, now will posible make small cut, without big time penalty and some hard collision on bridge.

And finally, I will add missed wooden poles in Junior Wheels I - it was my mistake and track bug, too.

Karowa v1.3 DOWNLOAD
Junior Wheels I v1.2 DOWNLOAD
Undva I v1.1 DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Cristmas!

Happy Christmas boys and girls, I wish you all good luck what you can imagine. I hope we can collaborate together and have a nice time. Be happy - peace!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fernet Branca No6 - dropped seeds

 Hi everyone, it's my progress before christmas. In this time I have experience with vegetation, actually it's just trees. Because in this place Argentina, I have complicated and specific trees configuration, and no chance to get reference instantly. I decided make it by my self, and you know, result is not bad. I make my first low poly full 3D tree models. Now I have 7 or 8 difference of them... All looks pretty good, so I try not lose a lot time, with more different variation and can move forward. Need to place, right all tree and tree walls, next will bush and grass. And after that last phase, will models from rally equipments and so on.
 Feel, in game, very well and FPS still is high, so I'm go forward...
That's all now, see you next time - PEACE

Friday, December 4, 2015

Fernet Branca No5 - Ground is done!

Hi all, after few weeks I have little more progress on my Fernet stage. I think, that finish, with all ground mesh texturing process. Now, fixing few bugs (some texture distort in places and in one place, RBR crash, seems somewhere mesh is incorrect, need to find it...) and go to next phase - vegetation. I hope do it fast as possible, and used for this some my old trees models and from original RBR stages too. That's it, see you next time...