Friday, July 1, 2022

PS Valstagna - How all is growing - 04

Hi folks, hot summertime and with the weather, the same with jobs. I have a target to finish this project this summer, so a lot of jobs.
I end jobs by placing the biggest vegetation - trees, and bushes. So the next step will be for the grass and spectators with a rally fiesta atmosphere. Houses far from the road (at the end of the road), not will be easy. Also need more investigation into road texture I'm not happy with it, will see. Of course final step - is an optimization and baking shading.
Medcenat - Valerio - promised that this stage will be available for all racing communities, so I hope all can enjoy fo it.
If you want to support me and my creation, which really is an expensive process, feel free to press donate.
See you at the next race!

Friday, April 8, 2022

PS Valstagna - New full path - 03

Well, there is a full path for this SS. Lots of jobs are waiting. I am not fully happy with how the looks road shape, GPS was not accurate, so needs lots of manual tweaks. Add of course last brush will vegetation placing. Sorry for my bad driving, lots of time was without experience...
One big progress there was I switched from the old Blender version to the new one and adapt all projects to the new RBR exporter addon (thanks to Tom). It took a lot of time, but now I can move forward...
All at this time, see you later

Monday, February 7, 2022

PS Valstagna - New look - 02

 Hi all, some small update there, but big progress inside. First, of all, the ending works with ground mesh in the whole lengths of a road. All important road objects are added and time to dance with vegetation for the final look.
Most fancy things, I switch from old Blender 2.79 b (which I love) into a new RBR add-on (on Blender 3.01), thanks to Tom for your brilliant work. Now adapting my track files for new features and moving forward. Update track look in pictures...