2015 m. birželio 26 d., penktadienis

Undva - No10 - Zone No3 is close!

Hey, hey, hey! Today is great day, I finish with all new ground mesh on Undva.
This week was hard, I have two tournaments, but after my terrible show, I have little more free time and I did this job...
Yes, this is not all job is done, so far, I need a lot my work hours. Some small tweaks will comes every time but biggest job is done. Now, I need add small nice thing, around road, support cars spectators and marshalls. And a lot work with collision mesh. Ok, this all news from this week, by...

2015 m. birželio 19 d., penktadienis

Track creation tips 04 - Basic modeling process (update)

Hi, my news form this week. I made few short video tips. Now its not accurate, so far, but you can see all basics steps for create your rally track in Blender with free 3D tools.

Lets start, with simple terrain mesh from Sketchup. You can used it free, to. Finally background mesh is in low resolution but not always its is important. So you can used method from my early tutorials, see below (Myra43-tutorial)
I update my video tutorial - add some comment in video line

2015 m. birželio 5 d., penktadienis

Undva - No9 - Zone No2 onboard

Hi every one, I have progress there, so video is ready! Now I'm working on zone No3. about 50% is done but a lot is still waiting. Short message today see you next week!