Monday, February 23, 2015

Xpoint to Junior Wheels

Hi all. This is few new screens from another stupid my track. I start this "SS" because want test few new modeling and texturing technique. So far, this just as test modeling polygon and in future, I think, it will as setup test stage, have a lot different type of jumps and bumps, different types of turns (plus, minus). And will have small inner plaza with braking test zone and 8 type small road - for "slalom" test. Location Australia, long about 3 km of gravel.
Stage so stupid and now will have final supid name - "Junior Wheels"


  1. Thanks mate, but so far is not good. As seen in screens a lot details I don't like, but I hope, it will changed in process...

  2. Your workflow is very impressive gg man !!

  3. yes its just Blender, ofcourse you need wallaby or BTB to export as RBR game files, but all 3D job is done in Blender

  4. Can you show me how you make the UV map for the intersection road, on the second screenshot ?

    1. Nothing interesting there, all job is done when I prepare texture file before mapping on mesh, any way I upload few pictures in new post on top...

  5. Thanks for your help and tips RG :)