Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fernet Branca No 12 - v1.2 - Water splash particles

Hi, today I want little talk about new update on Fernet Branco stage. Main changes: I add new particles system produced from Martinez (all works from this man you can find here). It's nice , because before, we don't have way how express water splash. Thank you man.
By the way, if someone, have problem with low FPS, after this last update, need to make this procedure: copy "PS_USA" (located in RBR/map folder) and just rename it as "PS_Poland" and you will have Fernet Branca v1.1, you can run track on plugin page, but without water splashes...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tutorial - Racing track modelling tips - Part 1 - modelling ground mesh (update)

This my new tutorial sewries is dedicated to show how easy and fast you can make own tracks for gaming. Here you will find main tips which you can use your project.
I hope, this will interesting, because I will try create new track from scratch and you will see all steps and aspects. There is not final rule, how to do, you must always find fast way, because 3D programs is very flexible and have a lot of ways how do the same thing...
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