Friday, December 30, 2016

TUTORIAL: export from Blender to Wallaby (Update 2017.04.24)

Hi, this is last my tutorial, which I promised him self, in his year.
Last part is dedicated how export from Blender to Wallaby RBR game exporter.
This is main tips and settings, what I use in my projects...
Also, I added Wallaby manual files and you can >>>DOWNLOAD<<< it here...

Some Wallaby TIPS:

When you have huge project with massive numbers of objects and Wallaby goes slowing, thi few my tips, to solve this problem:
    • First to first, when you need move you camera in project, you can hide your "General" mesh from view (hide it in vew section).  
    • Second - reduce texture size, usual help in this situation.In my projects, I usually use 4096 or 2048 texture size, of course is to heavy for Wallaby, but after I reduce size by twice, all works going fine..
    • Add cameras, in important points of you track, and can fast jump with cameras editor. Just don't forget wrote, somewhere cameras, ID, for fast find it...
    • When you work with 0.29 b version, can remove "General" mesh at all and put you pace notes or muveable objects much faster. After import all "General" mesh data again...
    • Sometimes, when you work on heavy weight over 200 Mb Collision mesh, huge and long track, Wallaby can't export Collision mesh and call error. Solution: you can remove general mesh and save LBS. Then, reopen project and try export again. If it don't help, also you can remove ground mesh, save, reopen project and try again - will work...
    If you have question, always welcome ;)

    Carvalho de Rei No 17 - Long way to go

    Hi, every body.
    I have some short news, before New Year coming, about this project. Yes, as I mentioned in my early posts, now I don't have enough time for this, but I dedicated half one day in week, to proceed this track too. So here is my progress...

    Good luck and happy New Years

    Thursday, October 13, 2016

    Carvalho de Rei No 16 - Step two

    Hello every one. Short new line from my work station. So as you can see in video, I'm little move forward and have nice update in this Portugal project. Not too much, because Im busy and have another huge project, but all works still moving... 

    Thursday, September 22, 2016

    Carvalho de Rei No 15 - Small step forward

    Hi, all. As I mentioned before. Travanka was just small piece of all 8.7km  project. Work not stops, I have small progress here, because now I have very interesting and huge commercial project. So now, all my attention here, but I decide for him self, not lose Carvalho too. And find hour or more in a week for making progress here too. It will let me refresh my mind and use some ideas in both preojects.
    So, all now, and take few my screen of progress...

    Friday, September 9, 2016

    Carvalho de Rei No 14 - Travanca do Monte - Final v1.0

    Well, well, well, boys nad girls, I really happy to say virtual rally stage: Travanca do Monte v1.0 - on table! Not a lot can comment it - leaving all this things for you, here is two videos which represent all job what I did here. So, I hope, you like it. It's just short part of whole Carvalho de Rei project. All big things is waiting. Any way, you can se, how its must to look and also, dont forget support my creation, without you my works is for nothing... 
    Download link is in right side download panel

    Thursday, August 18, 2016

    Carvalho de Rei No 13 - Travanca do Monte - Alfa

    Hi all ,last week was very hard for me, I try push this project forward and first stage from this track is close to finish. I'm waiting shadows, bug fixing and need to prepare different road surfaces...
    I hope you like it. Realize soon.

    Tuesday, August 2, 2016

    Carvalho de Rei No 12 - Travanca do Monte

    Hi, after few weeks of silence, some news from my workstation.
    This is small part of my latest work "Carvalho de Rei". Only 2,2 km as shakedown mode. I hope you like it and enjoy, after I finish it...
    Video represent only main stage configuration and main objects location, but also required different surface physics, moveable objects, different collision and so on. A lot works still waiting and need to do. It will free ofline license in all RBR plugins... Stay tuned, bye

    Thursday, July 7, 2016

    Carvalho de Rei No 11 - First look - FPS test

     Hi, hi all. Some news from this project. No, its not finished and not close to. But have good progress and I did this video just for test FPS. How good, or not, its run in game. And seems, all going fine. Here just about 3 km of run, have main count of additional objects (trees sign stones and so on), but main part of track, still waiting the same...

    Monday, June 27, 2016

    Zaraso Salos Trekas No4 - Kick off v1.0

    Hi, all after long time waiting proper shadows, I'm finished with this project. So now, I share it with whole RBR community - of course for free.
    I dedicate this track, for my annoying friends, who all time crying from my early tracks. Which was too narow, too dangerous, too serious... So, you have enough wide road, with few turns. Now, I hope, you are happy :D I'm joking ;)

    As I wite in decription track is:
    Free for noncommercial use, also all textures and models or parts from this stage, too.

    Modification is not allowed on this SSS!

    DOWNLOAD Zaraso Salos Trekas, 2 laps
    DOWNLOAD Zaraso Salos Trekas, 5 laps

    Thursday, June 9, 2016

    Carvalho de Rei No 10 - Genesis

    Hi again,
    So many news in this week. Seems, it was productive for me...

    Ok back on track - Carvalho! Finally, I finish with all ground remesh and re texturing process, here. So many job I did: Add a lot of changes on to orginal mesh from Zaxxon. At this time, I have google street view and I can make right correction.
    Add lot of new additional roads, like in real location.
    Add authentic buildings from this location too.
    Also, I little bit extend track and now it have 8,4 km long. Not very long, but very interesting and technical for driving.
    Seems Zaxxon (author of orginal BTB version) was very concessions and did road wide, but real road is much narrow and dagerous (what I really like :P )...
    So, guys and girls, I hope you like it, see you, bye

    Wednesday, June 8, 2016

    Zaraso Salos Trekas No3 - I see the finish!

    Hi all, main new in this week: Zaraso Sala is finished. Seems all works fine. I have nice shadows result from Wally. Again, my frends-testers, says that have normal FPS here. So if, in this week, I will resave final shadows result for rainy weather settings, track will open and share for whole RBR community.

    As always, free for commercial usage, and without any limitation to use objects textures in others projects.

    Now about track. Actually i did two version of it. One is like original (real) Super Special Stage from our Lithuania Rally championship - its have just 2-o laps (2 km). Quit short track dedicated just for spectators. But I think for drivers its not very interesting, so I did extended version and you can run 5 laps (5 km) also.

    All now, see you nex time, bye

    Friday, May 20, 2016

    Tutorial - Racing track modelling tips - Part 3 - Objects

     3D advice.

    First problem what you find is how to get correct object scale. So, here I show few basic objects scale, what you must keep in mind:
    • Typical human height is about 1.70 - 1.80 meters. 
    • One house floor up to 3 meter. 
    • Usually one building floor have about 3 meter. First floor, also usually have 4 m, if you have living house with a lot of flors. 
    • Street lights pole 10-12 m. 
    • Small tree 5-10 m. Big tree for 20 to 30 meters.
    • One road side have 3-4m wide. So, two sides have 6-8m. 
    • Road sign have 3m height. And Information face have 0.70 m wide. 
    • Street lights pole have height from 10 to 12 meters.
    • Light Cars - approximately 3 meter long, 1.5 m height and 2 m wide. 
    Trees, depending from geographic location:
    • Young - 5, 7 meters  
    • Trees 20 years old - 10 -  15 meters  
    • Old big tree, forest - 20 - 30 meters. 

    Friday, May 13, 2016

    Zaraso Salos Trekas No2 - Entry is open

    Well, now I close to finish, this new my track, dedicated for my tutorial. Actually is waiting not to much, need some small additional things from Wallaby and it will ready for publicly testing.So all this week. By the way, I hope, next week finish last part of my tutorial series, too...

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016

    Zaraso Salos trekas I - No1 - First jump, test

    Well, when I did my previous SSS - "Fernet Branca", I say himself - It will my last Super Special Stage - seems not.  :D
    This track is dedicated for my young friend - Ignas. He was started modeling this track, but stopped. So, I want to show how an easy you can create small track if you have enough of passion...

    Tutorial - Racing track modelling tips - Part 2 - Ground mesh, texturing process

    Well, in these video (below), you can find my main tips, how I'm covering with textures on ground mesh.

    There I use:
    Blender - as main 3D software
    Photoshop - as textures prepare software (but you can use any freeware software program as Gimp or Krita)

    Blenders addons:

    UV Square -
    UV Tool -
    Pgotoshop plugin:
    DDS plugin

    Thursday, April 28, 2016

    Fernet Branca No 12 - v1.2 - Water splash particles

    Hi, today I want little talk about new update on Fernet Branco stage. Main changes: I add new particles system produced from Martinez (all works from this man you can find here). It's nice , because before, we don't have way how express water splash. Thank you man.
    By the way, if someone, have problem with low FPS, after this last update, need to make this procedure: copy "PS_USA" (located in RBR/map folder) and just rename it as "PS_Poland" and you will have Fernet Branca v1.1, you can run track on plugin page, but without water splashes...

    Tuesday, April 12, 2016

    Tutorial - Racing track modelling tips - Part 1 - modelling ground mesh (update)

    This my new tutorial sewries is dedicated to show how easy and fast you can make own tracks for gaming. Here you will find main tips which you can use your project.
    I hope, this will interesting, because I will try create new track from scratch and you will see all steps and aspects. There is not final rule, how to do, you must always find fast way, because 3D programs is very flexible and have a lot of ways how do the same thing...
    Also, I recommend read those my old posts, by this theme:

    Friday, February 26, 2016

    Undva No15 - Reverse version - Taste time

    Hi all. Now it's time to taste my last finished project - Undva reverse v1.0. As I promise before, now this nice virtual rally stage have reverse version. It's the same entertaining as previous, so all RBR community can used it for free in all plugins. All can used all textures models and others stuff from here (for non commercial used only!!!), but no any modification is allowed!
    So, at this time, I made and share 10 new track for RBR community, here over 45 km virtuals road for fighting. I hope you like it, have patience and support for my updates. Which, times to times, coming on to old my projects. I always try do my best and fix all problems which was found here...
    Ok, there Download links:
    UNDVA REVERSE v1.0 (Pace notes by Neo)
    UNDVA I v1.2

    Undva v1.2 update log:
    • Update and fix hard collision mesh, some tree don't catch car when it hit him.
    • Add new drones models

    Friday, February 19, 2016

    Carvalho de Rei update No 8 - Back on track

    Hi all. This week I don't have a lot time for my hobby creation ,but I open and little bit update my old project - Carvalho de Rei. Yes guys, I'm back on this, but A found huge problem here! My previos texturing was terrible and what is sad, I already remapped over 5 km (full length over 8 km). Yes, after my previos stages, as Haguenau, Karowa, Junior Wheels, Undva and Fernet Branca, it's looks, like doing from child. Any way, I'm hope, will have more patience and will do new remapping here..

    Friday, February 12, 2016

    Fernet Branca No 11 - Oficial start - update

    Hi all, top news in this week - I'm finish first Fernet Branca version. I have all, what I want there. Some bug was fixed and some nice things added, so I hope you like it. Take free for noncommercial use in all RBR plugins. No modification is allowed...

    New fixes: 
    • Add full pace note list (keep in mine, I used different pace note system, so in yours may look incorrect, need to change by it self)
    • Fix Splash screen picture
    • Add one banner
    • Add, spectator wall, for prevent illegal deep cutting...
    • Change particles colour (to USA)

    Any bug report please write there, I can much faster find and fix it...


    Tuesday, February 2, 2016

    Undva No14 - Reverse version 1,0 is in produce

    A lot off news in this week :). As I promise, I go to work with Undva reverse version, actually its done, just need to resave nice shadows result and I need pace notes for this SS, so if someone want to do it will be nice ( I mean original pacenote format).
    Whats is done there: I need change spectators position, adapt it to car camera view, animation activation data fix. Also was changed start-finish location and position of equipment. And of course, rally sign. Finally, new replay cameras, pace notes still required.
    Thats all at this time, see you

    Monday, February 1, 2016

    Karowa 2009 v1.4

    Again this track need mine attention. Sad that a long time I don't have any bug report there, from this track and I can't much faster repair this. Any way, I make this new update and I hope, now all works fine.
    Why so much update on this track - actually it was my first converted track with Wallaby, so I did a lot small mistakes, there, I and I need to fix it time to time...
    Recommend full uninstall previous version
    Seems I again leave the same mistake (in Pacenotes) About first barrel need to drive from right harpin (not from left) Sorry seems I have to much works and always, something run away... You can easy change it in yours pace notes by itself (with Pacenote plugin)

    DOWNLOAD v1.4

    Friday, January 29, 2016

    Fernet Branca No 10 - Boom, Beta kick off

    Hi, today great day for all RBR fans. I finished my first beta of Fernet Branca stage. Yes its will free for everyone to enjoy and I was your feedback there. Bugs report and some others thinks, please write there.

    This is not fully realistic stage, I must adapt it for game, prevent cutting and others bla lba bla. And height data not always perfect. I'm work, just what I can to see, from onboard action, so its very subjective track, but I hope you, any way, like it.
    In zone, between tracks, you always will find "invisible spectator collision" - it will help prevent illegal cutting. So, you must to be accurate on road when driving and avoid deep offroad on this track. For the same reason in closer areas I must to be add Hard metal barriers, in real stage, these objects you don't found.
    Also, I did just main pacenotes there, only for first circle. With Pacenote plugin, you must it write by himself and you will have perfect driving performance on this SSS


    Friday, January 22, 2016

    Banner of 2016

    Hi all I want represent my last job, it is new banner for our rally page: It's dedicated for new Open RBR-LT WRC and LRČ season of 2016 year. So, I hope you enjoy, and like my job and our tournament. We over 11 years on line!
    See you on stage, bye

    PS. Made in Blender, render with Cycles - 1000 samples, took 2 hours 30 minutes

    Friday, January 15, 2016

    Fernet Branca No 9 - Cameras and dust...

    Yep, works going to finish line. All what I want to do, for first test, I did. So, if in monday, I will receive some good shadows result, next week track will open for public.
    All my thoughts, there is done, track physics, cameras, small animation, collision. After shadows I will prepare few different road surfaces: as damp, wet and so on. And of course - weather settings, just will need to adapt for shadows. Ok, thats all in this week, see you, bye.

    Friday, January 8, 2016

    Fernet Branca No 8 - Ticket sale is open!

    Well, well, well. As you can see, in topic name, I finish with adding 2D spectators on this stage. Now, I don't feel there alone :) Also, I have a lot, support cars and other nice rally stuff. Little change in some road part and now he is more informative for drivers. Now you can, just from road surface decide how difficult corners is waiting you. Close to reality. I happy, so far performance is good, no lag. But, I need, add my last 3D marshals and photographers. Will see, how it is. After that just some muveable objects need to place and project will ready for first tests
    Seems, project close to finish. I hope you like it. If want to support my creation, I will will grateful.