Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Open rbr-lt season 2015

Hi, every one, today I have small game around banner of 2015 season. Yes, guys, we 10 years on board!, Huge time, we was together, hard find the similar game simulator who have so long life.
So today I made this things... Check us on www.rbr-lt.com

Monday, December 1, 2014

Undva - No3 - more than half

Hi all, today I must to be short, just few pictures from this project. I did retexturing, more than half, form original BTB project. So, if will have enough free time, shot will get, beta test...I'm like this project very much and it good plane for test few cool tools in Blender which speed up my work. Have a nice day for all!
PS. more screenshot inside

Friday, November 21, 2014

Haguenau version v1.0.2 - kick off!

Hi, uff, so long time its take for me, but now its finish!
Take it for free non commercial usage, please bug report there...
There is shadows, some new collision for prevent cuts, new weather settings. So enjoy it!

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

Friday, November 7, 2014

Haguenau 1.0.2 - Shadows turn On

Hi, after some break I'm there again, and I again back to Haguenau SSS project. Don't scarry, no there so much important changes, but after long way to find good result - finally I have it. Shadows is on! And make "fake" night version too. I hear, from RBR users, that's required, so now, you have it... Now just working to optimize all and if all goes by my plan, free version (for all) will be realized next week...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Undva - No2 - On road

Hi everyone, today I'm happy to show first km on this stage, so all now can to know how it will finally look in game. So I hope you like it...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Something new on desktop

 Hi everyone, today I want represent my new project. Now officially, I have support from Kytt (author BTB version) and start work on Undva! Have close to 1 km remapped terrain, and all vegetation is in place. So, I hope, this precess not to take much time.In future I have paln make it longer, may up to 10 km, but will see in future...

What's about Carvalho, don't care, work not stops on it. I try, every day, do for some small pieces on it. But I all time must keep my motivation, so fresh works let me stay on work...

And this video from BTB version, so I hope this like and others RBR fans:

Friday, October 10, 2014

Whats going on?!

Hello, are you miss me? :) I was so quit, was little busy. Now I start work on new project at the same time with Carvalho. By the way, actually now work in Carvalho de rei village zone. Its hard places, because need make it again. Because in original BTB version seems Cisco don't have street view, so tis was incorrect. Now I change it as in real. Done is about 5 km from all 8.5 km length...

Now lets talk about new project, so far, it will incognito wip, I don't have permission from creator, but I hope it will. Once, what I can to say - its 5km long gravel stage, narrow, but with big speed on it. Why its fun, because I had chance of real test, with my own Subaru Impreza and this road leave very big impression for me. I drive over 120 km on gravel with big comfort the same like on tarmac... Track is well done in BTB so it not to be shame see this in native rbr format...
At the same time I have conversation with Savo team, for another stage 11km VEHKALAHTI , it will fine, but they guys so slow. I want look in this BTB project for possibility convert, so far Im not sure, will see.
Ok, enough in this time, see you later, by...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

HAGUENAU v1.0.0 - now free for offline

Hi everyone, today good news for all as - Haguenau give 105 eu donation amount and from now, its free for offline in ALL plugins, so administrators can change this rules in plugins properties. I against, want to say thanks, for all peoples who support me and my creation. This is Poland RBR community and especially Sniper, Vaclav Šourek, Jonas Firavičius, Angel Cobas Lopez and all others. So, their peoples did as we want to name as: RBR rally spirit!


Don't forget guys, support peoples, who makes tracks, cars, plugins, and others stuff. We all did this just because, we love this sim and we all need motivation everytime, one track or car required work on half of years (and more) if you want good quality. Sometime, enough  good response and critics, but not silence in news. Or donation. Its not need big price, enough 3 Eu or something like this - its just little cup of coffee, but creators know, my work its not for him self and it always jump up our motivation, do something new do better and so on.
Thanks again and see you on Carvalho

Friday, September 19, 2014


Hello, as I promise, in this week, first version is will open for public. Yes its not final, because I still can't make shadows, service is to slow and I can have result, so at this time its without it.
Now about rules and license of this track. At this moment, it will allow just online mode, no more two times on each tournament. Until I will get 100 Eu donation. Yes its hear hard, but at this moment I have 80 Eu already, so left just 20 and it will allow drive offline to for all users...
I want to say big thanks to Sniper and all Poland RBR community for big support of me and of course Vaclav Šourek to. Thank you guys, you really raise my motivation.
All that money, I'm not leave for him self. I must to buy some tools in Blender market which speed up my workflow, and of course, I want support (with donation) Blender production for this superb and free stuff.

So, Track is allow in all plugins, just online mode, and no more twice run in one tournament! (until I will get total amount of 100 Eu donation..)
If owners of each plugins not allow by this rules, this stage not will allow run in this plugin at all...

Owner of all others plugin, please contact with me, with this mail for download link: rbr_lt_replays@yahoo.comI will replay for all, in monday...

Known track limitation: No shadow, M - Monday - only dry surface, O - Monday - dry, damp wet...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Carvalho de rei update No 7 - Why all so slow?

Hi every one! Today, I don't have a lot news, but want little bit talk about Carvalho track conversion. Actually, why work is going slow, what I doing on and so on...
First, it is one my favorite gravel tracks, made in BTB, not by me, but it's really cool stage. Also, I like "Undva" (Kytt), and of course "Rally Guanajuato Mexico 2012 SS - El Cubilete" (ChrisB) and few stages from Savo teams. At this time, I talk only about gravel stages, which leave big impression for me...
Ok, back to Carvalho, zaxxon BTB author of this track, allow me make conversion and I start on. But as always, when author in BTB dont think about conversion, he leave some mistakes - its blending option. Sad, but Wallaby don't support texture blending (native RBR tracks used texture blending, but we don't have original track exporter...) and all effect is losing in conversion process. As result I must texture again all ground meshes. Its long, slow and monotonous work. Now I used Google street view and have a lot new authentic details, so I change road mesh meter by meter, to get more real road details. I decided, if I every day do for some small part of this project, may after half of a year, we will see some first test, but it will brand new stage...

PS. By the way, Haguneu SSS - I'm finish all job on except, shadows generating. This service is to slow, I must wait few day for result and if its bad (as it before) send again files change preferences and wait again. So I hope, in this week, make realize for all plugins without shadows - version 1.0.0. And after I will have good shadows result and give feedback about bugs update version... So stay tuned.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Carvalho de rei update No 6 - Back on track

Hi every one, I'm back :) Haguenau project goes to finish (now try find shadows settings, but so far without lucky) and now I have little bit free time. So, Carvalho on my desktop. Its long, very long, track, for me and work is monotonic and slow. I did some mistake on my main track texture and now must to "pay" my time on this :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Haguenau - breaking walls

Today - finally, I found solution with multiple physic. Problem was - I used few different objects in one X file, for main collision. When I join it - problem is gone! Now, I close, as newer for finish with this project, just need finish with shadows generation. Yes, it's take a lot time for find right setup I know, but it just for waiting, I hope don't require do, any new changes there :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Haguenau - stuck in physic phase

Yes, yes, yes, I don't understand what happen with this f**ing Wallaby, I can't create different physics on it. Try different method from web but no success so far... May problem that I have 2 different texture or something else this stupid things just eating my time. And the same situation with shadows, uf online support work so slow - after I have result - I forget my setup on it... So I'm stuck there...

Any way, something good - in this weekend, I have good time and finally I drive on. Long time I hear, so nice this road, and I was on.

 Real rally car onboard! 2007 - revers...
Will see, will see, maybe... :D

Monday, August 18, 2014

Haguenau update 24 - Its rainy day!

Hello every one, its summer time and as say before, I have less time for track creation. Any way, job is not stop and going forward, slow but going... Now, I close to finish, with weather settings. I have all, but still some problem with shadows generating and its stopped my process.

Next step is road physic. As now is good and I like it, but I want in few places little different type, so changes will coming in this point.

Now, want say thanks for all guys, who supported me, specially Vašek Šourek - you are great 3D master and you work inspired me do something close to. And of course, your donation was very generous.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Today - now

BETA 1.0.0

Beta version 1.0.0 is out. Please leave your comment and found bug there. I leave my all work for few weeks for my vacation and after collect all replay and fix all for final version. Known bugs: just one condition of weather settings, just dry surface, cant finish (this is beta;) ) Some concrete and plastic barriers is not movable (for prevent cheating.) two times camera jump on car (in replay mode) startinė screen splash hiden text ...

Please leave your comment there in one place (my blog page), because it will help me find all response in one place.
Final version will be in online mode, if I will get 100 Eu donation it will possible in "offline mode", too.

Today - 01

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Haguenau update 20 - video report - 07

No words - lets call video preview :)
All big mesh is in places, need some small tweaks for main ground, some objects will be replaced in to move able and cameras of course. So, I try finish as possible in short time...

Friday, June 20, 2014

Haguenau update 19 - 3D marshals...

I'm again, after some break. As I say before, summer time is always take much more time for others things. At last weeks, I have few virtual rally weekend and with good result for me, so on track I work not to much. Any way, I have some progress now, bone ringing very fun in Blender and I have nice model after :) . I will try push on my works and finish with 3D peoples in next week and go to last part (in modelling) - add support cars...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Haguenau update 18 - 3D spectators is ready for job

Hi every one, today I have another new from this project. 3D peoples is ready for plant on the road. Last weeks I work, on new 3D human model and of course riging of them. Have fine result and it is in new pictures. Yes they are not so realistic, but I always must save poly count and found compromise between quality and performance...
 All work, I was finis in last week, but my fu**g WD hard drive - crash. I lost my system on them and a lot important files. Any way I'm not give up, I dismantle, wrong hard drive and found that mechanically he is ok, just microchip is burnt. So I found the similar HD and borrow microchip, and wuala - it's work again! Any way I lost half of week with this not creative job :) So my progress is not big...

Monday, June 2, 2014

Haguenau update 17 - 2D spectators

I try follow my promise and this is my last week report: In this week, I decided find and realize 2D spectators around track and it's done! This is few screens from Blender. I try it all in RBR and it's work great, still without optimization and still, no LAG (in window mode). Now, we will have summer and of course, I will have less time then before, but try force my work to finish. This week - for 3D marshals and banners. Want learn work with rigid in Blender, it will help with a lot of people poses and will be fun...

Friday, May 23, 2014

Haguenau update 16 - Road signs

Hi everyone, today I must to be short. All this week I work with road sign and signal lamps, work was hard, but it's finish. Next week - spectators!
See you again!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Haguenau update 15 - video report!

So, today I finish importing my last job in to Wallaby, result not bad, for me. I found nice weather settings from Barum rally 2010 Semetin SS, I hope Sourek Vaclav, not to be angry on me, for this theft. Sorry for some lag on my video, this just preview and I work on not optimized version, so this bug is normal and in game I don't see any troubles, so far :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Haguenau update 14 - huge work is done!

Hi everyone, today I'm happy, because I did it! All fu**g houses in place :D and now, I can go to last and funny step - place road objects: like spectators road sign, cars and others surrounding stuff...
Of course, one step before - put all in to Wallaby and will see, what about performance, little bit scary, but I hope, all will fine :) ...
Some french guy did, as promise, some cool photos from Haguenau and work with building texturing was fast and productive! Sad, I still need panorama under train station, but may be later it will...
So now all can see new progress pictures.
I hope, you like it and my work, was not for himself ;)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Haguenau update 13- Houses, houses, houses...

In this week I'm happy, because all houses stay in right places!
I finish all 3D models and now last phase, on it - texturing. I did a lot, but still must work on 8 of them and they are complicated. Any way, I hope, to finish in few weeks and realize all after two months...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Haguenau update 12 - Two is done - two is waiting...

Hi everyone, I'm back after 2 week quiet and now have new progress video, from this rally track project. Not all is done, but work is going. I divided my working map in to 4 section and I happy to say that 2 pieces (1,4), is finish! On 2, I just missing panorama photos from train station (others side) and it will finish too... 3 part is hard, because I still need to make a lot high detailed buildings.Some buildings stay too close, some is in long range from google camera and this situation makes hard texture taking process, need own photos from places... I'm talking about big models, not about smallest like spectators or road sign, because it's really easy to do and plant on the map... :) So, I will hope, you will like my rally track progress...

Thanks for watching and see you next time :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Haguenau update 11 - slow, slow...

 Hi, as every week I will try show some progress in my rally track creation. I still work on Haguenau, now have some hardest parts on them - is complicated buildings. Modeling is quite fast, but take and prepare textures from Google street, its huge work for me. So, I have only few buildings and change some concrete barriers painting - noe its like in real 2012 years rally stage... Some guy, from France, promise take few photos from this city, I will waiting so...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Haguenau update 10 - all is fine

Last week I work with vegetation and some roadside objects. Seems this work is finish and need go back to last houses. Sad, no one guys from Haguenau can do some photos from real places. Any way Google Maps help me and I can go forward, but much much slow...

Friday, March 14, 2014

Haguenau update 09 - It's green

This week I decided work with vegetation. Almost done, and all big buildings from start up to train station. All concrete barriers in right places. I hope next week will have much more progress with others complicated buildings - is waiting a lot of  difficult jobs. Take textures make texture sheet and others things...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Haguenau update 08 - Red everywhere!

Now I want show some progress on this funny stage. Not much comment but all is seen in my new video!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Carvalho de rei update No 5 - video report

 Hi all, as I promise, some news in this week. All last weak I work on Haguenau, finish 3 big and complicated houses (train station, super market and additional one...) Once have program crash and lost all mip maping from the main road (its over one month work). Good that, I have oldest copy, that's mean I need 1-2 hours tweak and all wil good.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Haguenau update 06 - go foward

Hi again, I decided for himself, every week add for some new on my blog. Ok and what I have :) - actually not to much, as I want. Last week, again, we will have some problem on our web site and I lost more my time on it for finding solution and hope we will back on line in few days. Now I work on Haguenau, try make for one building on a day (with textures). Is a fun job, just take more time for right textures just from Google, any way this is my progress.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Haguenau update 05 on board again!

 Hi every one! I again back to this project and let it go forward. After make some progress on Carvalho little tied on this and want refresh my mind :). There not to much progress any way I have some new buildings and all road required for driving.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Carvalho de rei update No 4 - leaving village the Travance do Monte


Hi everyone, so long, I don't share any news from my creations. Any way I want show that my works not stop. I step by step goes forward and this is some new screens.
Yes it's not too much, but I try make as possible authentic ambient, so this is take time especially with texturing...