2015 m. sausio 9 d., penktadienis

Undva - No4 - breaking news

Happy new years! After long quiet, I'm again have some news, from my projects. First to first, original mesh, from BTB project, (ground and road mesh) is remapped! Its big step in my workflow, so not to much work is left. In my plan was did track not 5 km long, but made up to 10. But, I must left my plan, or better to say change it, because last 3 km will very wearisome. Lot of long flat out straight parts, more work but without impression. So, finally I will add close to new 2 km of interesting part of it and its waiting to do... So far, waiting job with roadside object: as fences, stones, poles and others elements what mus to adorn the cake...
Its all, at this time, stay tuned!
More pictures inside

4 komentarai:

  1. saunu, Antanai kad viskas juda, lauksim finalo,sekmes ,tiesa , dekui gana maloniai pasisedejome Panoramoje,iki sekancio karto !!

  2. Hey, nice work! :)

    can you send me a download link from the BTB version, i want to try this stage...


  3. Aciu, aciu uz gerus atsiliepimus, man ir buvo smagu susitikti su "gyvais" zmonemis ir pabendrauti :)

    BTB versija galima atsisiusti isbandimui, siuo linku (BTB version there:) http://www.mediafire.com/download/slij3tezxopg1w0/Undva_0.95.7z

  4. dekui uz galimybe pabandyti,ziauriai greita trasa, nu bet ir klastinga : tinka !!!!