2017 m. lapkričio 13 d., pirmadienis

Carvalho de Rei - Great day will coming - 22

Hi all, :) . Great day is coming. Now I finish with all big jobs here. Main objects in places, also I fix many collision issues. So now, you can see how all must to be in final version. Also I thinking about placing small stones around road, but its take lot of resources from PC. Will see, how its looks on low budget laptops... Also need to place soft bush collision in right places and rally road sings, spectators collision. So far, I don't have cameras and pacenotes. Yes still have many jobs here, I hope finish all at the end of this month.
Yes, there was funny part, now need to talk about bad news. As usually, I hope from your guys, some foundation. Track will be free for all users on all plugins only in online mode. Until I will not resave 100 Eu of donation. Yes, its sounds worse, I know. But only this way I can keep up my motivation, do my best jobs for all community and stay modeling only BRB tracks. So after I will resave 100 + of donation it will be for free in online and offline modes and reverse version too.
Thank you for your understanding...

2017 m. spalio 24 d., antradienis

Carvalho de Rei - One kilometer to go! - 21

Hi folks, last week was really productive and I have big progress here. Im happy because left 1 km to go, until I have end on this project ( All length is 8.3 km). Of course not but main job with asset placing will finish. Also, is waiting soft and hard collision placing, fix some issues, also add new. Moveable mesh and all others fun stuff. Sa all now, stay tunned...

2017 m. spalio 12 d., ketvirtadienis

Carvalho de Rei, leaving the village - 20

Well, all job there is finish, so I can move forward. Spectators and road signs will add later and stones, what you like as always.
All done much faster then I expected, of course a lot of jobs still waiting, but I try do it...
Thanks for you attention, bye..

2017 m. rugsėjo 22 d., penktadienis

Carvalho de Rei No 19 - In the village (update)

Hi everybody, after long quite some news here too. As write before, I had nice and interesting commercial project and now I finished with.
I expected end commercial project early, but... Now I'm back to Cravalho. what I can say - home sweet home.., Of Course not, but the same fun. Well half ot track is done, now I start work on hardest part - in Carvalho de Rei village, huge amount of complicated houses, textures and other stuf. So seems I stay here for a month. After I hope it will much easer...
So, all now and see you later.

2016 m. gruodžio 30 d., penktadienis

TUTORIAL: export from Blender to Wallaby (Update 2017.04.24)

Hi, this is last my tutorial, which I promised him self, in his year.
Last part is dedicated how export from Blender to Wallaby RBR game exporter.
This is main tips and settings, what I use in my projects...
Also, I added Wallaby manual files and you can >>>DOWNLOAD<<< it here...

Some Wallaby TIPS:

When you have huge project with massive numbers of objects and Wallaby goes slowing, thi few my tips, to solve this problem:
    • First to first, when you need move you camera in project, you can hide your "General" mesh from view (hide it in vew section).  
    • Second - reduce texture size, usual help in this situation.In my projects, I usually use 4096 or 2048 texture size, of course is to heavy for Wallaby, but after I reduce size by twice, all works going fine..
    • Add cameras, in important points of you track, and can fast jump with cameras editor. Just don't forget wrote, somewhere cameras, ID, for fast find it...
    • When you work with 0.29 b version, can remove "General" mesh at all and put you pace notes or muveable objects much faster. After import all "General" mesh data again...
    • Sometimes, when you work on heavy weight over 200 Mb Collision mesh, huge and long track, Wallaby can't export Collision mesh and call error. Solution: you can remove general mesh and save LBS. Then, reopen project and try export again. If it don't help, also you can remove ground mesh, save, reopen project and try again - will work...
    If you have question, always welcome ;)

    Carvalho de Rei No 17 - Long way to go

    Hi, every body.
    I have some short news, before New Year coming, about this project. Yes, as I mentioned in my early posts, now I don't have enough time for this, but I dedicated half one day in week, to proceed this track too. So here is my progress...

    Good luck and happy New Years

    2016 m. spalio 13 d., ketvirtadienis

    Carvalho de Rei No 16 - Step two

    Hello every one. Short new line from my work station. So as you can see in video, I'm little move forward and have nice update in this Portugal project. Not too much, because Im busy and have another huge project, but all works still moving...