2018 m. lapkričio 23 d., penktadienis

Verkiai 2010 - Deeper - 06

Hi, folks. So long time gone, after my last post there. Was really busy and cant attach many times on to my creation. Any way, I'm moving forward and have some progress there. Videos ready and waiting you atention. I hope you like it. Enjoy, and if want you can also support my little creation.


2018 m. spalio 12 d., penktadienis

2018 m. rugsėjo 7 d., penktadienis

Verkiai 2010 - All hard edges - 04

Hi all. There my next update. I'm now finish with all main hard collision Objects. So now, can jump to next phase - plant vegetation... Hope, now works will go much faster...
Of course, I see few places where want to fix some textures, but overall Im happy with result..

2018 m. rugpjūčio 2 d., ketvirtadienis

Verkiai 2010 - Where road is end? - 03

Hi, summer is really hot time. And jobs, and weather and others things try catch you time and will less for you efforts for you self. But step by stem my project still moving forward. At this time some short video for you attention...

2018 m. birželio 7 d., ketvirtadienis

Verkiai 2010 - Green fields - 02

Hi everyone, some short report from me. There is few my screenshot from my workstation. Did not too much, but so far I like it. Now I must to combine some BTB meshes from two my previous builds. A lot smal fixes and move forward... 30 % of ground mesh, is done :)
See you next time...

2018 m. gegužės 30 d., trečiadienis

Verkiai 2010 - I saw mirage, again... - 01

Well, today I will short. Here just few screenshots. Yes I start on this project a lot lot years ago. It was my first inspirations to create something for RBR. I try to do this projects many times and all times I'm drop this job in to rubbish box. I truly hope thast this, my try, will not the same, running in to mirage... :)

Video from my previous build...

2018 m. gegužės 23 d., trečiadienis

LOUSADA - V.1.1 BUG reports - 10

Hi, folks, some updates in Lousada.
I found few small mistakes. Actually main problem is in WRC version, with track-703_E.ini. I missed one not required line here. So, as result, track in "evening" weather condition, will crash. I fix it. You can fix, by it self. Open track-703_E.ini. with notepad (in maps folder) with and replace these settings lines (only first row):
Texture2=Buildings 01.dds
Texture5=Road_GRV 2.dds
Texture8=Lousada big map Hihg.jpg
Texture10=Lousada big map Hihg.dds

 Or download new files from this LINK
And, my shame, some grammatical mistakes in splash screens, also fixed...
Sorry for troubles link is updated!