2015 m. balandžio 3 d., penktadienis

Junior Wheels No7 - Wrum wrum... East

It will as my Easter, present for all RBR community from Lithuania!
Seems time to first Beta version!
Its take much more time, from my previous things (work close to 2 motht on), but seems I did all what I want. Some things still not work as well (water and some surface physics), but now, is time finish, this time wasting method :D.
Yes, not all textures have higher resolution, but as I write early, this was my decision, as learning place. But I see, track I have very fun, so why not to drive for everyone there.
And now, is time to back, for my oldest projects. Don't forget support my motivation ;)
So far this is Beta version you can drive there but you dont get Finish time - its normal. When track will ready, will have shadows, different type of surface it will have final version for online Plugins...

PS. I finding peoples, who want work in one team? Work on the same track with few people, save about 30% time of all time on track, so if you have some experience in 3D modeling or in Wallaby you are welcome! My mail: rbr_lt_replays@yahoo.com

7 komentarai:

  1. Hello
    I want help for your project Mister RallyGuru i'm use Blender since 2012 and i use gimp also ...

  2. smagu butu padeti tau,bet su grafika,man silpnai sekasi,dekui uz velykine dovanele(geras cia riesutelis tau gavosi)

  3. Fantastic track!! it will be only available for online mode??? :( thanks.
    Antonelli D.

    1. So far, I don't decide, but some time it will just online until I will receive some donation amount. This is my motivation politics :)