Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Verkiai 2010 - I saw mirage, again... - 01

Well, today I will short. Here just few screenshots. Yes I start on this project a lot lot years ago. It was my first inspirations to create something for RBR. I try to do this projects many times and all times I'm drop this job in to rubbish box. I truly hope thast this, my try, will not the same, running in to mirage... :)

Video from my previous build...

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

LOUSADA - V.1.1 BUG reports - 10

Hi, folks, some updates in Lousada.
I found few small mistakes. Actually main problem is in WRC version, with track-703_E.ini. I missed one not required line here. So, as result, track in "evening" weather condition, will crash. I fix it. You can fix, by it self. Open track-703_E.ini. with notepad (in maps folder) with and replace these settings lines (only first row):
Texture8=Lousada big map Hihg.jpg
Texture10=Lousada big map

 Or download new files from this LINK
And, my shame, some grammatical mistakes in splash screens, also fixed...
Sorry for troubles link is updated!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

LOUSADA - V.1.0 - 09 (UPDATE)

Well, good news is coming. Now in my view, I'm finish with this project and first version is ready for whole RBR community. I hope it will prepared and installed in Plugins at the same time as real Portugal WRC rally event and you can use the same track at the same time in your tournaments too :)

DESCRIPTION: Free for noncommercial use in all RBR plugins.
Free for noncommercial use all textures and models or parts from this stage. You can use any texture and models without any limitation... ;)

Limitation: No any track modification is allowed

Build by RALLY Guru
Textures - RALLY Guru and Ivan Novozilov
Particles by Martinez
Made with Blender and Wallaby (RBR game exporter)
Special thanks Vaclav Koral and Wally for possibility create new RBR tracks!
Download link 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

LOUSADA - three in one - 08 (UPDATE 2)


Hi everybody, last news, before realize. So, all jobs here is end. 3 track variation is waiting for drivers, soon. Watch info here or on you prefer plugin pages. Now about these tracks. All of themes is located in Portugal Lousada city. Real stage from WRC Portugal rally event. (,-8.2938305,366m/data=!3m1!1e3).
I found it very interesting for watching and driving too. So, I decide make real it for RBR community to. I hope you also enjoy in this stage. As main part I use 2017 WRC driving configuration. In different years, in some parts, it have some changes, so I use last one.

I stage is WRC 2017 years version - 3.3 km, 2 laps. 62% gravel and 38% tarmac. Used with gravel setup. Also have 3 different time and surface on it: Sunny day crisp and hazy with dry and damp surfaces (no wet). Night, no rain and fog also have dry and damp surfaces (no wet included). And of course rainy day conditions with damp and wet surfaces, plus water splashes (from Martinez). All weathers have only new road surface, so keep it in mind, otherwise game will crash (if will chose normal or worn surfaces here) The same in other tracks configurations...
Some weather settings explanations: M - morning - sunny time with shadows. O - defaults, wet conditions and wet night version without shadows. E - evening - here is comprommis with settings, dry surfaces without shadows cloudy, fog, and night, no shadows, its not means as evening. Keep this in mind...

II stage is RX rally cross configuration, which is used in Portugal rally cross championship - 4 laps. In my view, is very fun to drive, fast and technical. I'm very enjoy on it. 3.6 km, 30% of gravel and 70% on tarmac. Used with gravel tarmac setup. Don't forget on last lap (4) jump in to joker lap!

And last III stage, actually it's some my subjective variation of WRC configuration. Yes, its not logical, like I am, but also its fun to drive. Here some additional road section, which is missed in previous configuration. Little bit longer 3.8 km in 2 laps, 50% tarmac and 50% of gravel. Used with gravel setup.
All track line you can see on splash screen, be accurate and have a fun, also before start to fight with others, check pace notes by its self. I prepered pacenotes by my used systems which is working in second configuration: Descriptive.ini" plius "Extended.ini" or Numeric Swapped plius"Extended.ini. Don't forger change from RBR.ini, if not hear any co driver calls..

So, if you like my creation, fill free to support my works, press on "donate" button and will see, what will to be next :)