Friday, January 29, 2016

Fernet Branca No 10 - Boom, Beta kick off

Hi, today great day for all RBR fans. I finished my first beta of Fernet Branca stage. Yes its will free for everyone to enjoy and I was your feedback there. Bugs report and some others thinks, please write there.

This is not fully realistic stage, I must adapt it for game, prevent cutting and others bla lba bla. And height data not always perfect. I'm work, just what I can to see, from onboard action, so its very subjective track, but I hope you, any way, like it.
In zone, between tracks, you always will find "invisible spectator collision" - it will help prevent illegal cutting. So, you must to be accurate on road when driving and avoid deep offroad on this track. For the same reason in closer areas I must to be add Hard metal barriers, in real stage, these objects you don't found.
Also, I did just main pacenotes there, only for first circle. With Pacenote plugin, you must it write by himself and you will have perfect driving performance on this SSS


Friday, January 22, 2016

Banner of 2016

Hi all I want represent my last job, it is new banner for our rally page: It's dedicated for new Open RBR-LT WRC and LRČ season of 2016 year. So, I hope you enjoy, and like my job and our tournament. We over 11 years on line!
See you on stage, bye

PS. Made in Blender, render with Cycles - 1000 samples, took 2 hours 30 minutes

Friday, January 15, 2016

Fernet Branca No 9 - Cameras and dust...

Yep, works going to finish line. All what I want to do, for first test, I did. So, if in monday, I will receive some good shadows result, next week track will open for public.
All my thoughts, there is done, track physics, cameras, small animation, collision. After shadows I will prepare few different road surfaces: as damp, wet and so on. And of course - weather settings, just will need to adapt for shadows. Ok, thats all in this week, see you, bye.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Fernet Branca No 8 - Ticket sale is open!

Well, well, well. As you can see, in topic name, I finish with adding 2D spectators on this stage. Now, I don't feel there alone :) Also, I have a lot, support cars and other nice rally stuff. Little change in some road part and now he is more informative for drivers. Now you can, just from road surface decide how difficult corners is waiting you. Close to reality. I happy, so far performance is good, no lag. But, I need, add my last 3D marshals and photographers. Will see, how it is. After that just some muveable objects need to place and project will ready for first tests
Seems, project close to finish. I hope you like it. If want to support my creation, I will will grateful.