2015 m. kovo 2 d., pirmadienis

Junior Wheels No2 - content of last week

Hi everyone, today I will show small update in this test project. I make nice remapping on main road, need to do (the same) in addition part of them, but overall all looks good and makes me happy. Now I see, how I need do next my project in fast and easy way. If all go as I want may in this week I will do next road test, it will show what about performance there. This so far, little bit scared me, because I not place all vegetation which can place on and all others road equipment elements.

More screens inside

 Cross Section mesh and mapping, but all is done in texture file when it will ready for texture process.

6 komentarai:

  1. atrodo graziai,akmenuku vidinej posukio dalyje irgi nepagaileta :),lauksim !!!

  2. Hallo Rally Guru ! Your track looks really good, i love gravel stages and I look forward to driving it.
    I hope there is going to be both speed and little trickier sections alternately and that the track will be at least 10 kilometers long , hopefully longer : )

    1. As I write before, so far, its just some setup test place in Australian environment. Finally it must to be about 3 km long. And after, I must back to Undva this SS now was extended and now close to 8 km. After this I must back to Carvalho, again there is 8 km long. So, oh God I need more time :D

  3. Three tracks going at once ?! Perhaps you should devote yourself to one at a time until it is finished ; )
    I myself am a creative person, but i would never ever have the patience to create a track, so hat of to you and all the other track builders ho feeding us RBR fans with all these exiting and beautiful tracks.

  4. Track creation is all time learning process. So when I start one, I have so less information and if I know all I never start do this :D. 3 km in track cost, about, 2-3 month working time, so track with 10 km need huge of free time...

  5. Amazing, you're doing a great job!