Monday, August 25, 2014

Haguenau - stuck in physic phase

Yes, yes, yes, I don't understand what happen with this f**ing Wallaby, I can't create different physics on it. Try different method from web but no success so far... May problem that I have 2 different texture or something else this stupid things just eating my time. And the same situation with shadows, uf online support work so slow - after I have result - I forget my setup on it... So I'm stuck there...

Any way, something good - in this weekend, I have good time and finally I drive on. Long time I hear, so nice this road, and I was on.

 Real rally car onboard! 2007 - revers...
Will see, will see, maybe... :D

Monday, August 18, 2014

Haguenau update 24 - Its rainy day!

Hello every one, its summer time and as say before, I have less time for track creation. Any way, job is not stop and going forward, slow but going... Now, I close to finish, with weather settings. I have all, but still some problem with shadows generating and its stopped my process.

Next step is road physic. As now is good and I like it, but I want in few places little different type, so changes will coming in this point.

Now, want say thanks for all guys, who supported me, specially Vašek Šourek - you are great 3D master and you work inspired me do something close to. And of course, your donation was very generous.