Friday, May 20, 2016

Tutorial - Racing track modelling tips - Part 3 - Objects

 3D advice.

First problem what you find is how to get correct object scale. So, here I show few basic objects scale, what you must keep in mind:
  • Typical human height is about 1.70 - 1.80 meters. 
  • One house floor up to 3 meter. 
  • Usually one building floor have about 3 meter. First floor, also usually have 4 m, if you have living house with a lot of flors. 
  • Street lights pole 10-12 m. 
  • Small tree 5-10 m. Big tree for 20 to 30 meters.
  • One road side have 3-4m wide. So, two sides have 6-8m. 
  • Road sign have 3m height. And Information face have 0.70 m wide. 
  • Street lights pole have height from 10 to 12 meters.
  • Light Cars - approximately 3 meter long, 1.5 m height and 2 m wide. 
Trees, depending from geographic location:
  • Young - 5, 7 meters  
  • Trees 20 years old - 10 -  15 meters  
  • Old big tree, forest - 20 - 30 meters. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Zaraso Salos Trekas No2 - Entry is open

Well, now I close to finish, this new my track, dedicated for my tutorial. Actually is waiting not to much, need some small additional things from Wallaby and it will ready for publicly testing.So all this week. By the way, I hope, next week finish last part of my tutorial series, too...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Zaraso Salos trekas I - No1 - First jump, test

Well, when I did my previous SSS - "Fernet Branca", I say himself - It will my last Super Special Stage - seems not.  :D
This track is dedicated for my young friend - Ignas. He was started modeling this track, but stopped. So, I want to show how an easy you can create small track if you have enough of passion...

Tutorial - Racing track modelling tips - Part 2 - Ground mesh, texturing process

Well, in these video (below), you can find my main tips, how I'm covering with textures on ground mesh.

There I use:
Blender - as main 3D software
Photoshop - as textures prepare software (but you can use any freeware software program as Gimp or Krita)

Blenders addons:

UV Square -
UV Tool -
Pgotoshop plugin:
DDS plugin