2015 m. spalio 22 d., ketvirtadienis

Fernet Branca No2 - with small steps forward

Hi. In this week, I have not a lot news, because, few last work for finish first "Undva" online version. I hope, a lot of you already test it or do it soon. At the same time, work on Karowa v1.3. I want to realize version without cutingcheck system. So, I must to add additional barriers and spectators collision for prevent illegal cuting or driving direction on this stage. I finish with it to. And last, I'm finish with night settings for native RBR tracks (Finland, GR, Japan, France and USA. In Austrailia its now work properly). I add missed weather settings for Fallingstone II (it was lost in conversion process, so now it gave it.).
Back to Argentina, there I don't have a big progress. So far, work with terrain relief. Little bit, cover with texture main road mesh, but a lot of jobs still waiting.
This all, see you next time, by...

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