2015 m. kovo 6 d., penktadienis

Junior Wheels No3 - firs on board!

As I promise, there is first Video onboard. Export process was hard. Was some problem with track loading. I must change scale. In first time, it was to small and road was crazy narrow and short, now all is ok. So I found all solution and all can to see result. Its really not perfect, but as I say before - this is testing place for all inovation in my track making process, so all inaccuracies, can to be... Now, we have 5 km long (with this road combination), yeah I'm really happy with this, finally have some new small track.
Folow link >>>

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  1. Geras!!!!! 5km=4.xx min,tai blin per kiek as ja apriedesiu? suprantu , kad dar daug darbo laukia,bet atrodo kad trasa nebus lengva.Dekui