Monday, January 21, 2019

Verkiai 2010 - support - 10

Hi all, I don't like this stuff, but I must to talk about other creation side. Yes, yes, yes I need yours, RBR community support. If you want make this track free for all plugins online and offline can you buy for me one coffee, beer or may be  pica ;). Its help me keep motivated, and let me move forward. I hope to collect above 100 EU of donation. With this want to make reverse version of this layout. Also "O" type version about 7-8 km, with start and finish near Shoping center. Also, I have plans, extend rally in other road (not included in video), so all depends from community, do you need more from me? - One beer or coffee its not too much for you, but big influence in my motivation.
Thank you and see you later...

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Verkiai 2010 - How its look - 09

Now Im happy, after long waiting, troubles and others works I steal some time to finishing this project. Not a lot is need, - pace notes, recording camera, shadows generating and different surface with weathers settings...
If all will goes right, want to finish on next week..
I hope you like it and stay tuned