Wednesday, March 22, 2023

PS Valstagna - Reverse the scariest road to the down - 09

Hi all, I want to present a reverse version of PS Valstagna. The same configuration, but an updated track will be prepared for use on all plugins.
In my experience road is quite scary to drive very fast, but the same fun and challenging driving.
I will hope everyone can enjoy it.

Not too much left for the final target of the donation amount which will allow share track content with everyone for all plugins and for online and offline usage, if you want to support my creation and be part of it please press the donation button!

The main target is reached! I must say big thanks to everyone no matter what your sum was - small or big - you all are important not only to me but to everyone, in this racing community. You all support each other. When we support any of the creators the same we support content for ourselves and for our friends you all are the main part of the game. Thank you for all again.