2015 m. rugsėjo 30 d., trečiadienis

X point 01 - what it must to be?

Well, well, well. Main news, in this week, I start new project, which must to help me find best, fast and easy way to create new track. Yes, I try it, with Junior Wheels, but it was not all what I want. Try number "Two", it is here. :D Yes, Cravalho I not forgotten, I return back when I will ready with better knowledge base and hope finish it much faster.
Ok back to X point 01 - it's not real name, heh, I just kidding and want make surprize. I found this really accidentally - nice and technical interesting stage. When follow WRC+ onboard action. Wou, it's realy fun, 6 km of gravel. And yes, it's again "Super Special Stage", but I can't stop doing these stages :D. So, now I declare the contest: guess location of this SSS and what is name of it? First right answered, will get test files...

6 komentarai:

  1. Uff, so fast you guys, we have winner, it's Stefano! And stage is "Fernet Branca" 2015, ofcourse rally Argentina.

  2. You make me cry!!!! amazing!!!!cant wait!!!regards from Argentina :)

  3. Rally guru your new stage locking verry good so far, but what do you mean with (Tomorrow it will) ?
    End i wonder when you gone relese Undva track?

    1. :D - no, this last message was addressed to Dino :D
      Undva is fully ready for release, but shadows - not. As I write in one of my tutorials, it's need about one month for find right results and sometimes you never got it... So Undva fully done, work as well in RBR, but waiting shadows... May it will in this week, may later