2015 m. gruodžio 4 d., penktadienis

Fernet Branca No5 - Ground is done!

Hi all, after few weeks I have little more progress on my Fernet stage. I think, that finish, with all ground mesh texturing process. Now, fixing few bugs (some texture distort in places and in one place, RBR crash, seems somewhere mesh is incorrect, need to find it...) and go to next phase - vegetation. I hope do it fast as possible, and used for this some my old trees models and from original RBR stages too. That's it, see you next time...

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  1. Hi again Rally Guru ! Locking forward to Fernet Branca even even though i´m more in to longer challenging high speed tracks like Undva : )

    1. I know a lot of people like long and fast tracks, but you know, I work as an 3d artist and always try make tracks which is impressed me. That why I have motivation to finish my jobs...

  2. Sorry! Happened to write "even" twice in my coment and do not know how to change it, so i clicked on a button (Atsakyti) and it was a duplicate of what I have written before: (do not know how to delete it....
    It was clumsy of me, should of course have checked what (Atsakyti) meant first before I clicked on it : )

  3. Has (almost) managed to remove the duplicate : /
    I am Swedish, and my writing skill is lousy : (

  4. No problem, ATSAKYTI it's means - replay to answer

  5. Very nice progress. Looking forward :)