Friday, February 26, 2016

Undva No15 - Reverse version - Taste time

Hi all. Now it's time to taste my last finished project - Undva reverse v1.0. As I promise before, now this nice virtual rally stage have reverse version. It's the same entertaining as previous, so all RBR community can used it for free in all plugins. All can used all textures models and others stuff from here (for non commercial used only!!!), but no any modification is allowed!
So, at this time, I made and share 10 new track for RBR community, here over 45 km virtuals road for fighting. I hope you like it, have patience and support for my updates. Which, times to times, coming on to old my projects. I always try do my best and fix all problems which was found here...
Ok, there Download links:
UNDVA REVERSE v1.0 (Pace notes by Neo)
UNDVA I v1.2

Undva v1.2 update log:
  • Update and fix hard collision mesh, some tree don't catch car when it hit him.
  • Add new drones models

Friday, February 19, 2016

Carvalho de Rei update No 8 - Back on track

Hi all. This week I don't have a lot time for my hobby creation ,but I open and little bit update my old project - Carvalho de Rei. Yes guys, I'm back on this, but A found huge problem here! My previos texturing was terrible and what is sad, I already remapped over 5 km (full length over 8 km). Yes, after my previos stages, as Haguenau, Karowa, Junior Wheels, Undva and Fernet Branca, it's looks, like doing from child. Any way, I'm hope, will have more patience and will do new remapping here..

Friday, February 12, 2016

Fernet Branca No 11 - Oficial start - update

Hi all, top news in this week - I'm finish first Fernet Branca version. I have all, what I want there. Some bug was fixed and some nice things added, so I hope you like it. Take free for noncommercial use in all RBR plugins. No modification is allowed...

New fixes: 
  • Add full pace note list (keep in mine, I used different pace note system, so in yours may look incorrect, need to change by it self)
  • Fix Splash screen picture
  • Add one banner
  • Add, spectator wall, for prevent illegal deep cutting...
  • Change particles colour (to USA)

Any bug report please write there, I can much faster find and fix it...


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Undva No14 - Reverse version 1,0 is in produce

A lot off news in this week :). As I promise, I go to work with Undva reverse version, actually its done, just need to resave nice shadows result and I need pace notes for this SS, so if someone want to do it will be nice ( I mean original pacenote format).
Whats is done there: I need change spectators position, adapt it to car camera view, animation activation data fix. Also was changed start-finish location and position of equipment. And of course, rally sign. Finally, new replay cameras, pace notes still required.
Thats all at this time, see you

Monday, February 1, 2016

Karowa 2009 v1.4

Again this track need mine attention. Sad that a long time I don't have any bug report there, from this track and I can't much faster repair this. Any way, I make this new update and I hope, now all works fine.
Why so much update on this track - actually it was my first converted track with Wallaby, so I did a lot small mistakes, there, I and I need to fix it time to time...
Recommend full uninstall previous version
Seems I again leave the same mistake (in Pacenotes) About first barrel need to drive from right harpin (not from left) Sorry seems I have to much works and always, something run away... You can easy change it in yours pace notes by itself (with Pacenote plugin)