2015 m. liepos 10 d., penktadienis

Junior Wheels No 11 - Kick of!

Yep, I think that I finish in much fast time, but... Any way, now it's time for test V1.0. It will free for all in all plugins.
I hope, you remember, this is not high quality track, but it's fun, so enjoy. I'm not happy with shadows result, but don't want, waste time, for that, anymore. Some textured places is not right... I write just main pace notes there, so you need used cool Pacenotes plugin and write your own, like in real rally...
Please, if found bug, leave your comment there in my blog and I will try fix that, in next version realize. At the the same time, I have plan, made reverse version, too.
This is my last post in this month, now time for vacation, see you next month, bye

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