Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Track creation tips 03 - Methode No1

This picture can be as a template for our next real track.
Hi, every one today, I'm happy to show, one of method, which will help create and realize your project with Blender. Actually this not my method, I steal it from Myra43 blog page, he will helpful and I have permission to post this method there... After, I will show my method of some modeling part. May it will video or text, will see.

As I say before, Invest time to look for good impressive road. It must to be interesting not just for you, but for others people to as RBR community. Otherwise, just lose time and don't have feedback and interest. Job without it is nothing...I try a lot, huge size (epic size :D) tracks, just one time and never back on again. I don't think, that you want make track just to drive once. So, I recommend to find nice real tracks from WRC, may some super special. At this time we have good service from there as WRC+ and you can to see every onboard from every rally event, it's very helpful to take josie and after in workflow.
Read text below...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Track creation tips 02 - Tools

Hello, today I want post next part from my modelling tips. Its short and I talk about creation tools.

To get your results you need good tools. Best for us, we don't need high cost programs!
So, first to first, I recommend BLENDER as alternative and powerfull 3D tool. Blender, for us, good, because we don't need any additional X files exporters. Against, he have a lot free plugins, which will speed up our work flow. Also you can use 3Dmax, or Maya, 4DCinema...

In Blender, I recommend secondary plugins :
F2 - just activate in Blender,
UvSquares v1.4 
Asset Sketcher v.32  - 29.9 Eu

Now, for texture, editing we need:
Photoshop (and DDS plugin) or alternatively free software as Gimp, Krita. With this last, also, we need DDS Utilities, for generate our DDS formats.

As file wiever I recommend - XnView, because he supports a lot file formats, and especially important, show DDS.
Ganwind Print Screen - making screens shots.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Track creation tips 01 - theoretical part (update)

Ok, it's now time, to share my knowledge RBR track creation in Blender. Track creating process is interesting, but have a lot technical details, which need to know, of course if you want have good result.
I must to apologize for my poor english, I hope you will understand what I mean if not you have comments part ;)

This tips, I will divided into few sections: One is theoretical tips, it's including best choice of your track, motivation, and how get your result.
Second is technically tips and tutorials. Modelling tips, texturing, how did right textures and so on...

This not as absolute best, but this is one of fast way to do that mainly in Blender. Just must to know, modeling is always learning process. So, don't stay in one place, and always looking fast way to get result.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Junior Wheels No8 - still work on

Well, well, well. So long I wait first shadows result, but it was not perfect. By the way, I had huge problem there. Online shadows generation, dont want work with my beta version. So, I need agin put all 3d objects in to fresh Wallaby project. Its take, two days work :(. Now I keep cross fingers, about my last version for shadows. It works without cameras and others movable objects and pace notes (all this I Must do again). In first shadows results, I have a lot shrunk errors, but now, I change sun position in to hard angle, and hope it will work like in Haguenau...

Last week, not waste my time and back to work on "Undva SS". Track now is extended twice, terrain is ready for texturing. Waiting monotonic but interesting job...

Friday, April 3, 2015

Junior Wheels No7 - Wrum wrum... East

It will as my Easter, present for all RBR community from Lithuania!
Seems time to first Beta version!
Its take much more time, from my previous things (work close to 2 motht on), but seems I did all what I want. Some things still not work as well (water and some surface physics), but now, is time finish, this time wasting method :D.
Yes, not all textures have higher resolution, but as I write early, this was my decision, as learning place. But I see, track I have very fun, so why not to drive for everyone there.
And now, is time to back, for my oldest projects. Don't forget support my motivation ;)
So far this is Beta version you can drive there but you dont get Finish time - its normal. When track will ready, will have shadows, different type of surface it will have final version for online Plugins...

PS. I finding peoples, who want work in one team? Work on the same track with few people, save about 30% time of all time on track, so if you have some experience in 3D modeling or in Wallaby you are welcome! My mail: