Monday, February 23, 2015

Xpoint to Junior Wheels

Hi all. This is few new screens from another stupid my track. I start this "SS" because want test few new modeling and texturing technique. So far, this just as test modeling polygon and in future, I think, it will as setup test stage, have a lot different type of jumps and bumps, different types of turns (plus, minus). And will have small inner plaza with braking test zone and 8 type small road - for "slalom" test. Location Australia, long about 3 km of gravel.
Stage so stupid and now will have final supid name - "Junior Wheels"

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

X point!

Hi all, today I must represent my next secret work, which I start in last week. As I say before - its for refresh my mind and found new ways speed up my creativity and workflow in Blender. So, this some "top secret" screens from my desktop. Let's call it Junior Wells. I'm no idea what is mean, but may, it will interesting for RBR community...

Monday, February 9, 2015

RBR - night update!

Well, last week, I start few new works, need to refresh my mind :) . So one is close to finish. This is night version! I'm return back for this idea. It's comes few years ago, when I work on Karlstad SSS. I found nice night settings setup, not used in this SSS, but now you can found it in new track from others track creators (in Foron, Maton and others tracks). In first version, I have some vertex shadows bug, now its I fix, so no any bugs now. Finally, Night version is adapted for Finland, GB, France, Japan and USA native RBR stages. Just in Australia, so far, I don't found solution, how disable shadows without RBR crash. Its work with it, but looks strange with shadows from sun in night :D. Now, files I send to KORAL Vaclav, next step from him...

Monday, February 2, 2015

TUTORIAL - Texture making tips... (update)

Hi, today I want share some my experience with texture making process. Actually it's mainly important for "hard" faces models such as buildings, road sign and all others flat 3D models. We have just few ways get own picture for textures. Yes - own photo camera and second important Google street. And one problem which we always get is camera lens distortion. You never get "flat" and right looking picture. So there few things which you need to to with camera and after in photo editing programs...