2013 m. gruodžio 6 d., penktadienis

Carvalho de rei update No 3 - Village

I'm back. Yes RBR-LT site take to much time and broken my plans, any way, I have some progress in there. I arrive in village zone and have there a lot off work :). Now It's comes to finish and I can go foward...
More picture inside

2013 m. lapkričio 29 d., penktadienis

RBR-LT return to work!

 RBR-LT - as Phoenix fly...

After big break www.rbr-lt.com, tournament site is back! Yes we still working on design, but actually it's all member can go back, make new registration and can post what they are need. RBR-LT return to work! Next weak, just try find new server for stable performance...

2013 m. lapkričio 18 d., pirmadienis

Awesome tiling texture making trick

Yesterday I found easy and very powerfull trick how make nice tiling (repeated) texture with Photoshop.
Take photo, which you want used as repeated texture, (in this case I want repeat just in both sides)
Before, I cut it and its ready for process.
Next, I change size it to rectangle

and crop it...
Second step in Photoshop, go to Filter / Others / Offsets
After this you just need used Clone Stamp tool and repare midle texture as you want...
And wuala, you have new tiling texture with nice edges.
PS. you can also used and horizontal and vertical offset and make grass or others background textures...

2013 m. lapkričio 14 d., ketvirtadienis

RBR-LT reconstruction

As we all know, some fu** guys, damage our RBR-LT tournament web site www.rbr-lt.com. Any way, it was time, make some changes and now it's coming. Site now is in design stage, we used new system and I hope it's take support from all of you :)

Kaip aukščiau yra paminėta, saitas  - atnaujinamas ir kokia pora savaitėlių neveiks arba bus senesnės versijos. Vėliau persikelsime į atnaujintą versiją it tikiuosi toliau sau gyvensime ramiai ;)

2013 m. lapkričio 11 d., pirmadienis

Carvalho de rei update No 2 - video from 1 section

Ok, today I can represent my first video from this SS. Road is divided in 7 road sections. This is first one. In future, I hope, it's take one or close to two week for one section finish. Yes for first of them, I leave 3 weeks, but at the same time, I made brand new texture. New main road texture and update and update it in work process it's take a lot of time. And some guys from Turkey hack my site (I want to wish a happy Christmas for them)... Sad but it's take may time too...
Any way, works not stops and I have small progress :)

2013 m. spalio 21 d., pirmadienis

KARLSTAD II - Kick off - test version

Hi, I always want (this my oldest project) realize with two start version, like in real life. And now I have all what I need to do that. And now, can show it for all public.
What is new? - drive line, start from left side. New cameras, some objects get new places, new collision, and others small details...

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<
Please leave your feedback before its will taken to plugin...

2013 m. spalio 14 d., pirmadienis

KAROWA update No 12 - Kick off!

First my intention, was make easy and fast conversion from BTB to native RBR format. I naively believed that finish all work in 2 months, but now it's take over half of a years :D.
But now I want to believe that all my job is done and I can forget this f**g stage ;)

Known bugs: if hit photographer or marshal under bridge, after red screen car placed on bridge...

Drive line:

Download link: Link
License:free for non commerce used! No modification allow! Allow for all plugins used!

2013 m. spalio 9 d., trečiadienis

KAROWA update No 11 - Darck in the night

After I lose, close to, three weeks for finding solution vertex paint in this f**g Max. I'm happy - I see the lights in Karowa tunnel end...

Realize soon...

2013 m. rugsėjo 13 d., penktadienis

KAROWA update No 10 - beta 00.1

After long time work on, I happy to present first test for RBR community. This is not final version! I decide, that all drivers can make "hotlaping" on this SS, until it will have final view. I will hope, that all live comment about drive line or if find bug. We must decide what configuration is right on this SS, to prevent cutting on (of stupid drivers). In my plan, is add concrete bariers, to divide road in two sides. I'm not sure, that is need and really don't want do that (it will distort take good speed driving on...) May, right way is make fastest, as possible, drive line and drivers don't take "wrong way". But it will not close as in real rally Karowa 2009. Or enough divide road just close to bridge, to avoid roll close bridge but not to turn in tunnel... 
If you have bad performance there, please leave yours PC info (VGA CPU ram... SYSTEM

Sorry for my bad english
Rally G

2013 m. rugsėjo 6 d., penktadienis

2013 m. rugpjūčio 21 d., trečiadienis

Karowa update No 9 - TM test

Nothing to much interesting, just import test. I'm happy that can import X files from Blender to Wallaby and have some result. Now, all main meshes is imported, have collision and some track physics. Need some experience with moveable collision and driving line with time cheking. Of course, need some animation like start clock or some marshals...

2013 m. rugpjūčio 9 d., penktadienis

Karowa update No 8 - All model in right places


I hope it's my last screen shots from Blender. All models in right places finish with modelling and remmaping. Next week, is waiting to be hard in my work, will see, may I will have some progress, but now in Wallaby ;)...

2013 m. rugpjūčio 5 d., pirmadienis

Karowa update No 7 - proceed up to export

Again I return on this project, seems it's my learning place for Blender and Wallaby too. Any way, I'm happy, that I can import segments of track stright from Blender (in to Wallaby)

2013 m. birželio 7 d., penktadienis

Haguenau update 04 on board!

I glad to represent my first video from this SSS. This is just preview and small test for him self, to find mistakes and go to next step.

2013 m. gegužės 21 d., antradienis

Haguenau SS - updated 03 - road

  Hello everyone, after some break again some news from my RBR creations. How I promise, after finish work on Karowa, I'm back to Haguenau. Did not too much, still learn work with Blender, but day after day I love it to do.
Some progress folow in new pictures...

2013 m. balandžio 8 d., pirmadienis

2013 m. balandžio 4 d., ketvirtadienis

Army of support waiting for appointment

He he, final accord in Karowa SSS modelling, just now, I finish with remapping and remesh my own model or marshals and new photographers in winter clothes.
I hope, tomorrow they will take up their posts...
Some awesome addon :)

left; float: left;

2013 m. kovo 28 d., ketvirtadienis

Karowa update No 5 - new vegetation

I'm close to finish add new vegetation. In first view it's looks fine :). Want add some bush and bush wall in horizon and is finish. Next step 3D people. I have nice marshals and photographers models, from my Karlstad SSS and I think, it will good here to.

2013 m. kovo 26 d., antradienis

Karowa update No 04 - 2D spectators

Next step, I close to finish with 2D people. I made totally new 2D spectators in winter clothes, what is mus to be (this is autumn - winter SSS). Now tribunes is not empty and have spectators in side. I hope, conveys some rally spirit...

2013 m. kovo 22 d., penktadienis

Karowa update No 03 - terrain remapping

Some progress review. I'm close to finish with terrain adapt and mapping. In Blender its looks in enough quality. Will see, what to say RBR. :D
Next step will adapt vegetation, and finally spectators...

2013 m. kovo 12 d., antradienis

Karowa converting progress 01

 After some hard work, one to learn much more about Blender and another one is not easy way to remesh and remapping this interesting BTB work.

2013 m. vasario 22 d., penktadienis

Haguenau SS - updated 02

Now, little bit, make pause in this project, with my work on Karowa SS. But after this, I'm come back with new ideas from Blender. :)

Karowa SS up to classic RBR format

I'm and my friend lakimakromedia start another short project - Karowa sss 2009 (1.6 km). After not long finding author of this original BTB stage (t34), we can continue his job. And now all works going on re mesh and re mapping road and road side wall.  Author of original, take very interesting and artistic method for create this SS (most model made just with wall tool), but this is not to easy for converting...
Any way, this is some ours progress...
Sorry for my terrible english ;)

2013 m. sausio 24 d., ketvirtadienis

Haguenau review 01

 After some break I can represent some progress in my new project. This is some render pictures. Yes still not to much is done, but I try find the good and speed method for my work in future. Try escape mistakes on too. Main scaled city map I did in Sketchup, then import houses box in Blender. Now work in.
Po nedidelės pertraukos pateikiu keletą vaizdelių iš haguenau projektėlio. Taip darbų nudirbta nedaug, bet čia kaip pažiūrėsi. Kadangi blenderyje esu visai žalias naujokas, stengiuosi surasti gana greitą metodą, na ir stengiuosi išvengti klaidų kurios trugdytų procesą vėliau...