Saturday, November 11, 2023

Saalahti - Going through up to the end - 07

Replay cameras show:

Well, all fun early or later going to the end the same with Saalahti project. Now I more or less happy with visual result. I know, its could be better, but I want have more variation with weather settings, so overall its cost some limitation for some shadings effect.
I like this stage but sad that we as humans are too merciless for nature. As a reference, I used Google Street View from 2011, so at this moment in this location, too many trees forest was cutted, it makes me sad of course.
I slightly extended the original track length, I think is a shame not to use the fun part (the last hairpin} of this road. I understand that in a real rally, they technically can't use this part, but in the game, we can do everything. I hope this does not disappoint all of you. Anyway, I know the BTB version of this stage, maybe on it all as in real SS.
So now, I just need to make variations of the ground surface and weather and the track will be ready for the public test show.
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