2016 m. spalio 13 d., ketvirtadienis

Carvalho de Rei No 16 - Step two

Hello every one. Short new line from my work station. So as you can see in video, I'm little move forward and have nice update in this Portugal project. Not too much, because Im busy and have another huge project, but all works still moving... 

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  1. Atsakymai
    1. Čia lengva ir pražiopsoti, nes reikalai juda lėtai ir po nedaug ;)

    2. Hi rally guru
      I have a question:what is your setting for export.x with blender?
      Thanks in advance

    3. It's a few different for diferent purpos meshes:
      For main ground and genereal mesh:
      First to first, exporting mesh must to be rotate by X axis - 90. And scale Z -1.
      After this go in to X export settings:
      Cordinates - Left handed
      UP axis - Y
      Export only selected
      Export meshes
      Export UV cordinates
      Export materials
      Export vertex colours - if used vertex colors...

    4. For Main collision mesh - you dont need rotate and change scale, other the same...

    5. Many thanks Rally guru from Corsica!!!

    6. No problem, good luck and nice blending ;) ...