2016 m. sausio 8 d., penktadienis

Fernet Branca No 8 - Ticket sale is open!

Well, well, well. As you can see, in topic name, I finish with adding 2D spectators on this stage. Now, I don't feel there alone :) Also, I have a lot, support cars and other nice rally stuff. Little change in some road part and now he is more informative for drivers. Now you can, just from road surface decide how difficult corners is waiting you. Close to reality. I happy, so far performance is good, no lag. But, I need, add my last 3D marshals and photographers. Will see, how it is. After that just some muveable objects need to place and project will ready for first tests
Seems, project close to finish. I hope you like it. If want to support my creation, I will will grateful.


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