2016 m. vasario 2 d., antradienis

Undva No14 - Reverse version 1,0 is in produce

A lot off news in this week :). As I promise, I go to work with Undva reverse version, actually its done, just need to resave nice shadows result and I need pace notes for this SS, so if someone want to do it will be nice ( I mean original pacenote format).
Whats is done there: I need change spectators position, adapt it to car camera view, animation activation data fix. Also was changed start-finish location and position of equipment. And of course, rally sign. Finally, new replay cameras, pace notes still required.
Thats all at this time, see you

5 komentarai:

  1. Reverse version is nice news!)
    I can make the pacenotes)But, of course reversed version of the track is needed to do the recce)

    1. Ok - no problem, I will send you test files and you can do it with pacenotes plugin inside in RBR. I need your mail

    2. I sent message to your e-mail

  2. Hi Rally Guru, here is some bug report...

    If i crash into some trees, the car is stuck in the tree, same problem on the floodlighting.
    Something is wrong with the water splashes, if you drive slowly through the water the car nearly stuck(only tested with NGP Physics).


    1. If we talking about Fernet Branca:
      Thanks, yes I know that sometimes car stuck in trees collision, but I dont know why this happen. May its comes from "Wallaby", when it crate this own collision code, I dont know. About water, yes its have own collision so you must have speed to jump this zone, the same as in Junnior Wheels, If you don't have enough speed, yes you will stuck in water zone and no one spectator can help you, so take you speed there...
      Yes in Undva to, sometimes trees collision catch cars, with the same reason. No water in Undva...