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TUTORIAL: export from Blender to Wallaby (Update 2017.04.24)

Hi, this is last my tutorial, which I promised him self, in his year.
Last part is dedicated how export from Blender to Wallaby RBR game exporter.
This is main tips and settings, what I use in my projects...
Also, I added Wallaby manual files and you can >>>DOWNLOAD<<< it here...

Some Wallaby TIPS:

When you have huge project with massive numbers of objects and Wallaby goes slowing, thi few my tips, to solve this problem:
    • First to first, when you need move you camera in project, you can hide your "General" mesh from view (hide it in vew section).  
    • Second - reduce texture size, usual help in this situation.In my projects, I usually use 4096 or 2048 texture size, of course is to heavy for Wallaby, but after I reduce size by twice, all works going fine..
    • Add cameras, in important points of you track, and can fast jump with cameras editor. Just don't forget wrote, somewhere cameras, ID, for fast find it...
    • When you work with 0.29 b version, can remove "General" mesh at all and put you pace notes or muveable objects much faster. After import all "General" mesh data again...
    • Sometimes, when you work on heavy weight over 200 Mb Collision mesh, huge and long track, Wallaby can't export Collision mesh and call error. Solution: you can remove general mesh and save LBS. Then, reopen project and try export again. If it don't help, also you can remove ground mesh, save, reopen project and try again - will work...
    If you have question, always welcome ;)

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    1. I'm afraid that your effort is useless because many people know Blender quite well-like me, but few people have Wallaby software and that's why we have not very many new stages. In my opinion original stages are still the best, we have Loch Ard, Gestel, Undva, Sorica, these stages are as good as originals, rest are unremarkable some have great graphic like Silverdorf, Bergheim or Semetin but playabillity is no more than average.

    2. Yes, but you never know if not comes guy or girl with good skill and passion and do super duper virtual rally stage... They just need some help from outside. To find the way, how produce it. So I hope, I help for it...
      And it costs me - nothing. :)

    3. I have the passion... I have done 2 Cyprus real stages BUT with btb. .!