2016 m. birželio 9 d., ketvirtadienis

Carvalho de Rei No 10 - Genesis

Hi again,
So many news in this week. Seems, it was productive for me...

Ok back on track - Carvalho! Finally, I finish with all ground remesh and re texturing process, here. So many job I did: Add a lot of changes on to orginal mesh from Zaxxon. At this time, I have google street view and I can make right correction.
Add lot of new additional roads, like in real location.
Add authentic buildings from this location too.
Also, I little bit extend track and now it have 8,4 km long. Not very long, but very interesting and technical for driving.
Seems Zaxxon (author of orginal BTB version) was very concessions and did road wide, but real road is much narrow and dagerous (what I really like :P )...
So, guys and girls, I hope you like it, see you, bye

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  1. Looks promising. I love that there will be another gravel stage with a tarmac section and even a cobblestone part, although the cobbles seem to have gravel physics at the moment.
    Looking forward to it!