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Tutorial - Racing track modelling tips - Part 1 - modelling ground mesh (update)

This my new tutorial sewries is dedicated to show how easy and fast you can make own tracks for gaming. Here you will find main tips which you can use your project.
I hope, this will interesting, because I will try create new track from scratch and you will see all steps and aspects. There is not final rule, how to do, you must always find fast way, because 3D programs is very flexible and have a lot of ways how do the same thing...
Also, I recommend read those my old posts, by this theme:


So, turn on your favorite music and follow my video tutorials!

In first stage, we must decide, what tools we need.
So, first to first 3D tool will - Blender, as main modeling software.
Second, will SketchUp – actually I used it just to grab geo location with main height data and for orthography texture.
Another tool, for viewing our textures is XnView.
I must to say, I prefer usage free ware programs, so for texture editing you can use Gimp or Krita instead Photoshop.
And Gadwin Print Screen, to take screenshots.
Seems it's all. Oh I forgot one, - now I used Ezvid for recording desktop video.

First work what we must to do - get as possible more reference of our project. Videos, on board action, pictures, maps, street view, all going to our reference folder.
In this tutorial I don't want concentrated in to, how to generate and import high quality elevation data ground mesh. Tips and advice you can find on my early posts. Follow these links. Also, I strongly recomend, tutorials from my frens Ivan on youtube chanell, too.
Here I want to show additional modeling features and tips...

And when, we have all what we need, go to SketchUp. Find you location and grab it.
Export it as collada file.
And after, we can go to Blender. 


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  1. Hi rally guru
    I have a question:what is your setting for export.x with blender?
    Thanks in advance

    1. It's a few different for diferent purpos meshes:
      For main ground and genereal mesh:
      First to first, exporting mesh must to be rotate by X axis - 90. And scale Z -1.
      After this go in to X export settings:
      Cordinates - Left handed
      UP axis - Y
      Export only selected
      Export meshes
      Export UV cordinates
      Export materials
      Export vertex colours - if used vertex colors...

      For Main collision mesh - you dont need rotate and change scale, other the same...