2016 m. birželio 27 d., pirmadienis

Zaraso Salos Trekas No4 - Kick off v1.0

Hi, all after long time waiting proper shadows, I'm finished with this project. So now, I share it with whole RBR community - of course for free.
I dedicate this track, for my annoying friends, who all time crying from my early tracks. Which was too narow, too dangerous, too serious... So, you have enough wide road, with few turns. Now, I hope, you are happy :D I'm joking ;)

As I wite in decription track is:
Free for noncommercial use, also all textures and models or parts from this stage, too.

Modification is not allowed on this SSS!

DOWNLOAD Zaraso Salos Trekas, 2 laps
DOWNLOAD Zaraso Salos Trekas, 5 laps

3 komentarai:

  1. gerai padirbejai:) smagus ziedukas gavosi,soniaslydzio igudziams tobulinti-pats tas :)

  2. Čia reikia sakyti dėkui Ignui, čia jis tinginys, užsimanė tokios nesąmonės.. :D