2016 m. vasario 26 d., penktadienis

Undva No15 - Reverse version - Taste time

Hi all. Now it's time to taste my last finished project - Undva reverse v1.0. As I promise before, now this nice virtual rally stage have reverse version. It's the same entertaining as previous, so all RBR community can used it for free in all plugins. All can used all textures models and others stuff from here (for non commercial used only!!!), but no any modification is allowed!
So, at this time, I made and share 10 new track for RBR community, here over 45 km virtuals road for fighting. I hope you like it, have patience and support for my updates. Which, times to times, coming on to old my projects. I always try do my best and fix all problems which was found here...
Ok, there Download links:
UNDVA REVERSE v1.0 (Pace notes by Neo)
UNDVA I v1.2

Undva v1.2 update log:
  • Update and fix hard collision mesh, some tree don't catch car when it hit him.
  • Add new drones models

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  1. Great!! Congratulations on your 10 track anniversary!)))
    Expecting my steering wheel to arrive tomorrow, so that's gonna be a big test))

  2. "Anonymní26. února 2016 20:02
    How much do we have to pay for this one ?"
    Here my answer for this question (Keep in minde, I am writing to you with all due respect):
    Actually if you know how read, you will find all answers on my blog...
    But, I understand question.
    So, I'm too, had socialist consciousness, when I was young. I like think, that all must to be for free. I was like to stealing all what was for money: programs, movies, musics, games all want I can get virtually. Also, I don't had a lot of money, and price was really to high for young person. But now, time is changed. Ones, now, I have money and can invest it. Second, we have huge and powerful list of free ware programs and can replace commercial products with it. I really don't need 3ds Max, Maya - have Blender (with the same power and more). I don't need Photoshop, have Krita and Gimp.., the same with others programs for audio video and so on... But all need support for users. If we don't support it we don't have this, almost free choice all depends from your choice...
    I donated, about 50 eu for Blender, because he is my main working tool, I must to do this, I'm supporter.
    In other situation, when I can't support with money, I try to do with advice, especially for young modelers. Make few tutorials. And always say, you must have own blog with „donation button “. Otherwise people, who wants support you, don't have the way do this...
    Now back to RBR, why this 10 years old game, so far, live? Because, have working team of moders. Some one makes new track, others cars, plugins, physics and so on. If community don't want support them, we don't have about 100 different cars here. We don't have over 1000 km rally tracks (without BTB tracks) in native RBR file format, just think about this - over 1000 km, no one old or new rally game never have or never will have the same... All did moders. Why we must support them, I don't know, but may you know? Now I replay for your strigh question, this track "Undva reverse" is for free for whole RBR community in all plugins, free for online and offline using. Any one, can used all models, textures and other things from this track, but no any modifications is allowed on this stage and track is for noncommercial purpose only.
    And, finally, philosophical reply, you will pay with your time and attention, you just can't imagine what price of it (I alredy pay this..)...
    Best Regards

  3. RallyG, your comment is one of the best i read in long time, thanks for say that!

  4. Hi, I appreciate all your work on stages - BIG thanks! Just want to ask you if you can make some correction on Undva when playing on low rendering quality. I am playing it on my laptop with Intel HD and keep quality low for 60fps framerate. But on some stages like this one there is road texture missing on the most part of the stage.
    Is it possible to edit it some easy way to correct this issue?

    Thank you!

    1. Try this way - find track rbz archive and open with any Archyve programs. Reduce texture file size from 2048 to 102, but keep DDS file settings. I hopeit will help

  5. So I have figured out why the track is invisible on low settings because I had the same issue with my own track I am working on - the ground mesh needs to be divided into more smaller segments, then it is OK (and they are loaded automatically based on driver's position).