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Tutorial - Racing track modelling tips - Part 2 - Ground mesh, texturing process

Well, in these video (below), you can find my main tips, how I'm covering with textures on ground mesh.

There I use:
Blender - as main 3D software
Photoshop - as textures prepare software (but you can use any freeware software program as Gimp or Krita)

Blenders addons:

UV Square - https://github.com/Radivarig/UvSquares
UV Tool - http://blenderaddonlist.blogspot.lt/2...
Pgotoshop plugin:
DDS plugin https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop

In first part, I preparing road testures in Photoshop. Actually I chose new textures from my photo base, which collect, mainly with my phone. So, if you want to be modeler, you must have own texture collection. When you walking, always think what will good, to be as texture in my project. Trees grass, sand, gravel, concreet, doors windows, and others all can to be as yours trextures collection. But keep in mind, best weather for make yours texture - is grey (without sun) day, especially if you want take good trees or buildings photo (because they will without strong shadows, and don't have blue sky colous)

Second video dedicated only for road, because road section have different mapping and different texture coverage process. Work in Blender...

And last part, for ground mesh around road. It's the most time-consuming process, but in few places we can save time too.

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