2016 m. sausio 29 d., penktadienis

Fernet Branca No 10 - Boom, Beta kick off

Hi, today great day for all RBR fans. I finished my first beta of Fernet Branca stage. Yes its will free for everyone to enjoy and I was your feedback there. Bugs report and some others thinks, please write there.

This is not fully realistic stage, I must adapt it for game, prevent cutting and others bla lba bla. And height data not always perfect. I'm work, just what I can to see, from onboard action, so its very subjective track, but I hope you, any way, like it.
In zone, between tracks, you always will find "invisible spectator collision" - it will help prevent illegal cutting. So, you must to be accurate on road when driving and avoid deep offroad on this track. For the same reason in closer areas I must to be add Hard metal barriers, in real stage, these objects you don't found.
Also, I did just main pacenotes there, only for first circle. With Pacenote plugin, you must it write by himself and you will have perfect driving performance on this SSS


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  1. Fantastic!!! It is a great job indeed, the stage looks awesome, and it's a great fun to drive.
    I also want to share my remarks - I don't know whether it is the stage or my PC that causes the issue but the game is stuttering a little bit when I run the stage, although I stably get around 40 FPS. The other thing I've noticed is that in some places when I go off the road I get red screen although there is nobody at that place. And the last thing - pacenotes need to be improved, but that's not a problem at all.
    Overall it is very well done! I already love it.
    Thank you for your great work!

    1. Invisible "spectators collision" wall is to prevent jump from one road to other, its one of method to prevent cutting. Pacenotes I did just main. For himself, I used different from original, so its hard (for me) to make it as must to be, right. FPS, I see you have low, can you write yours PC system specification? And If you will have low FPS in some place - immediately go to pause, and pause, this will let dropped FPS to normal level and you can continue driving with normal FPS level...

    2. Ok, I see, but why not just make an invisible wall? In my opinion that would be much better, because as for me I didn' attempt to cut or jump from one road to another, it is sometimes that you just go wide and "red screen" is too much of a punishment for that.
      As for my PC system specification, here it is: DualCore AMD Athlon II X2 250, RAM DDR3 6 GB, Graphics card - ATI Radeon HD 3600 (512 Mb), Windows 7 Ultimate, DirectX 11.0.
      FPS doesn't drop at any place, it is always around 40 (38-43) for me.
      Concerning the pacenotes, I can edit them for your stage if you want.

    3. Hmm your VGA is really weak. Ok, FPS it's always the same with all cars?
      If you will hit invisible wall, your car will crash, impossible make wall without destroying your car...

    4. Actually I tried it only with one car - the one that I always use - Subaru Impreza WRC 06. Nevermind, as you've mentioned my VGA is too outdated for such high quality tracks))
      As for the "anticut" technology I'm still in favour of an invisible wall. Yes, if you hit it you will damage the car but you still can keep going. Even if you have to reverse you gonna lose 5-10 seconds and if you have "spectators collision" you are automatically added 20 seconds and so you comletely fail, but if you hit an invisible wall not too hard you can still continue and have a more or less normal result. But ok, that's just my opinion.