2014 m. balandžio 17 d., ketvirtadienis

Haguenau update 12 - Two is done - two is waiting...

Hi everyone, I'm back after 2 week quiet and now have new progress video, from this rally track project. Not all is done, but work is going. I divided my working map in to 4 section and I happy to say that 2 pieces (1,4), is finish! On 2, I just missing panorama photos from train station (others side) and it will finish too... 3 part is hard, because I still need to make a lot high detailed buildings.Some buildings stay too close, some is in long range from google camera and this situation makes hard texture taking process, need own photos from places... I'm talking about big models, not about smallest like spectators or road sign, because it's really easy to do and plant on the map... :) So, I will hope, you will like my rally track progress...

Thanks for watching and see you next time :)

2 komentarai:

  1. panasu kad puse darbo jau atlikai.ziauriai graziai atrodo,tikrai dailininko gyslele turi .lauksim pabaigos,,,,
    PS..: tikiuosi tuos siaudu ritinius bus galima pastumdyti :) ir paskui pnasia foto kaip Karowos su pravaziavimo konfiguracija imesk, pls.Sekmes su likusiomis texturomis!!!

  2. Really locking forward to every new track you make, very god job! Appreciate it BIG TIME....