Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Haguenau update 15 - video report!

So, today I finish importing my last job in to Wallaby, result not bad, for me. I found nice weather settings from Barum rally 2010 Semetin SS, I hope Sourek Vaclav, not to be angry on me, for this theft. Sorry for some lag on my video, this just preview and I work on not optimized version, so this bug is normal and in game I don't see any troubles, so far :)

Some small bugs I still must to fix and go to forward. Next step - planting road objects (street signs, street signal lights banners and so on).


  1. blin , visai patiko,pirmi variantai tokie vaikiski atrode :) , bet 15 update super ,reiktu ir man ismokti,darbas liuks,itariu, kad neuzilgo ir patestuot bus galima ....

  2. Na plius minus, vienas menuo, cia kaip laisvo laiko bus pabaigti...