Thursday, September 25, 2014

HAGUENAU v1.0.0 - now free for offline

Hi everyone, today good news for all as - Haguenau give 105 eu donation amount and from now, its free for offline in ALL plugins, so administrators can change this rules in plugins properties. I against, want to say thanks, for all peoples who support me and my creation. This is Poland RBR community and especially Sniper, Vaclav Šourek, Jonas Firavičius, Angel Cobas Lopez and all others. So, their peoples did as we want to name as: RBR rally spirit!


Don't forget guys, support peoples, who makes tracks, cars, plugins, and others stuff. We all did this just because, we love this sim and we all need motivation everytime, one track or car required work on half of years (and more) if you want good quality. Sometime, enough  good response and critics, but not silence in news. Or donation. Its not need big price, enough 3 Eu or something like this - its just little cup of coffee, but creators know, my work its not for him self and it always jump up our motivation, do something new do better and so on.
Thanks again and see you on Carvalho


  1. gaila kad nesurandu laiko i sostine.....

  2. Nieko, pasistengsime niekur nedingti ir ateityje ;) O gal winteryje, jei sniego bus...

    1. ui, nenusimatao man ziema ir winteri pamatyti artimiausiou laiku, nu vasara kazkur rees sostine aplankyti butinai

  3. I have installed RBRTM version using installer and the game crash to desktop while loading track. I've checked ini files and everything is okay :|

  4. Do you have installed fix up plugin?