Monday, December 1, 2014

Undva - No3 - more than half

Hi all, today I must to be short, just few pictures from this project. I did retexturing, more than half, form original BTB project. So, if will have enough free time, shot will get, beta test...I'm like this project very much and it good plane for test few cool tools in Blender which speed up my work. Have a nice day for all!
PS. more screenshot inside


  1. darbas juda ir gerai,smagu kad nusimato,dar vienas zvyro dopas :)

  2. What tools do you use to do this in Blender please ?

  3. What do you mean, I use all tools in Blender, which support speed up my workflow. But I most like UV Align/ Distribute, UV Squares add-ons, when when work with mapping. For modelling: Asset Sketcher and Array, Mirror modifiers... So, Blender have huge numbers good tools for this simple modeling...

  4. I would me too make a track for RBR but i seek a good method...
    Can i see the wire frame of these mesh here please
    Thanks for your help

    In Blender you can enable this for check the wire in solid mode

    Thanks a lot !

    1. You know,wire frame this is the same as in BTB track (because I'm working on remesh and retexturing in this track), so nothing interesting there. But if you want work on brand new track, so you must to follow few tutorials about "Modularity" modelling. You must decide your game creation strategy and you life will easy ;) I recommend this tutorial: And of course, learn how used array and patch modifiers together....