2014 m. birželio 2 d., pirmadienis

Haguenau update 17 - 2D spectators

I try follow my promise and this is my last week report: In this week, I decided find and realize 2D spectators around track and it's done! This is few screens from Blender. I try it all in RBR and it's work great, still without optimization and still, no LAG (in window mode). Now, we will have summer and of course, I will have less time then before, but try force my work to finish. This week - for 3D marshals and banners. Want learn work with rigid in Blender, it will help with a lot of people poses and will be fun...

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  1. Hello I think your work is of a very high standard, and you are great to take time to create such beautiful tracks for us to enjoy, I wish i had the tools and the know how to create tracks like you, then we would all have real life stages to drive on. thanks so very much for your work, you are a master.

    Facebook: Richard Banfield (standing in a redbull shurt)
    Email: cachub@yahoo.com

  2. nu bet gerai cia tu , tu zmoniu suradai :)

  3. Thanks guys for response, but I'm not so great, just try do my best, seems I just have more free time not like all others ;)