2014 m. spalio 17 d., penktadienis

Something new on desktop

 Hi everyone, today I want represent my new project. Now officially, I have support from Kytt (author BTB version) and start work on Undva! Have close to 1 km remapped terrain, and all vegetation is in place. So, I hope, this precess not to take much time.In future I have paln make it longer, may up to 10 km, but will see in future...

What's about Carvalho, don't care, work not stops on it. I try, every day, do for some small pieces on it. But I all time must keep my motivation, so fresh works let me stay on work...

And this video from BTB version, so I hope this like and others RBR fans:

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  1. Great news Rally Guru!! I loved to drive on this stage a while back. Looking forward to this conversion and more importantly, keep up the motivation!! :D